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the best place for your scrap..


Thursday June 23, 2016,

2 min Read

The On-call scrap collection service for household, corporate, institutes and industries.


We collect anything that's not of use for you and is recyclable. A simple effort of scrap collection and management.

We collect- Paper, Plastic, Glass, Metal, E-waste, Wood and anything that's recyclable.

The customers are been paid for the scrap that they sell with correct denominations and better rates. And the security and customization are taken care by the kachhra.com for every individual client.

Our objective is to make selling scrap a quick and safe experience and at the same time making a first step toward organizing the raw material challenge for the Scrap-recyclers.

A professionally run set-up to handle scrap. 

Laying down the road-map of keeping ours and yours surrounding scrap free.

Our Vision-kachhra.com has a clear vision of making India more beautiful and healthier destination for all with minimum efforts and zero involvement.

Our mission-kachhra.com will act on its vision path by taking ownership of your home,society,locality,zone,city,state and then country. Kachhra.com tends to be an organised source where you just need to buzz us and rest kachhra.com do's it in a proffesional and hygenic mode.

kachhra.com is operational from past 11 months now, 

Covering South-delhi, with 20 pick-ups on an avg every day. 

Serving 7 corporate and 2 Institutional clients. And the counting is on...