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Startup's focusing only on the urban!

Rural India has a lot to earn.

Tuesday September 05, 2017,

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In the recent past, from where the central government has started the initiative STARTUP INDIA to not achieving the desired goals! the major drawback is not linking the major part of the country with the initiative which has the potential to work hard and few have the capability to impact the desired grounds which can attain results and make a benchmark in the startup sector and can be become the so called "DESTRUCTOR" in this sector. 

Apart from where not linking the rural to this initiative, the startup's which are building in the urban arena think that rural area is not a place to earn as it is far from reach of technology basically the "Internet" but as of now to do business communication is important but reaching a mass number who has limited resources and unlimited demand to achieve and earn, I think startups should focus on them as a long term growth and less competitive market. Internet the basic issue I think has been cured by the JIO network in most parts of the country.

Education the other factor which the urban thinks rural India don't have, but if the ideas which are necessary and has the proper business requirement which the rural area demands will surely hit the market as far now young generation is not far away from purchasing the new things which will enhance their quality of life and their requirements to earn more!

 So the startups should not only focus on the urban or semi-urban parts but also the rural has the capability to deliver the desired results of the company, just the approach should be changed and risk should be taken as their are very less startup's who are taking risks but a significant number of startups approached them and in a long term will surely open doors for everybody in this sector for the rural !