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How will humans use science and technology to explore space, and what mysteries will we uncover?

I wrote this poem as a part of the competition Humans in Space Youth Art Symposium 2012.It deals with the future of space exploration.

Friday April 22, 2016,

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Down to Earth and Still Beyond

Within the endless ethereal eternal enchanting curio cosmos,

Ssshhhh…We know we are not alone.

Clustered stars, planets, galaxies paint the night sky for a cause,

Conveying there’s certainly something beyond the unknown.

The glissading glider glitters as our WRIGHT,

ZOOM!! The Rocket’s blazing fire defying the gravity corroborated our might.

A breathtaking countdown blowing away the pages of history,

Sputnik, Columbia, Gagarin and Armstrong assay that space is no more a mystery.

The photon struck solar sail will ferry us to infinity,

We might just ferret out medicine for AIDS,

Asteroid mining will make us dredge out incognito elemental entity,

Locking the commending critics that call space exploration a waste.

The world in which Higgs Boson becomes a reality,

The earth might just know how it was born,

Large Hadron Collider Mechanism may serve as a founding veracity,

Magnetic tunnel via ISS will elevate us to moon serving the human fraternity far and long.

4 months in ISS possible, thus one year on Mars,

Martian windstorms serving as wind energy source.

An internet based robo civilization building hospitals, industry homes and solar cars,

Terraforming Mars through planetary engineering course,

A human civilization is knocking through the shining stars.

With the advent of Large Hadron Collider we can play a celestial harp,

Because we might just find the hypothetical wormhole or time warp,

Bermuda Triangle mystery might just unearth,

The magnetic acceleration in extremis has known its worth.

A more digging in may help in rooting the dependence of time,

Then the light years could be shrunk, moving into second aurum era,

Something spiritual, something scientific… discovering terra incognita.

New opalescent galaxies with undefined mystic motions,

Silent sereneness with aura well past the raining rippling oceans.

Wondering where it ends or where it begun,

If you’re on earth ... O Humans!! Do big… something big; something big ought to be done.

NASA, ISRO and all the space exploring brothers,

We all work for the fine fettle and welfare of humanity,

We just found water on moon together,

Affirming that strength is in unity.

Whatever we achieve, howsoever far we may reach,

A healthy world of peace and humanity we preach.

Leaving footprints on the sands of Mars we’ll die as pure and innocent as on birth,

Walking together...Endeavour forever, we’ll always be Down To Earth.