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How to improve the lead ratio by digital marketing?

Why digital marketing is the future and cold calling is dead?

How to improve the lead ratio by digital marketing?

Monday December 11, 2017,

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Here is the news, ‘cold calling is dead’. It is dead for good. Gone are the days when the salespeople used to make 150 to 200 calls to get 2 leads for a business. People are also reluctant in responding to cold calls as they do not like to talk with strangers. Winning the trust of prospective consumers through cold calling is almost impossible without the possibility of giving any proofs. The crowned position of ‘Cold calling’ is being taken by ‘Digital marketing’ in the modern era business world. The ROI is very low in cold calling when compared to digital marketing. Cold calling requires a large number of people working over longer periods of time for generating few leads whereas planned digital marketing efforts can bring thousands of potential leads within a day or two. Few of the reasons why cold calling is dead and digital marketing is the future are:


Wider Reach: Cold calling is a one to one approach and at any given time a cold caller can only talk to a single person. A best cold caller can only make a few hundred calls a day. But this is not the case with digital marketing efforts. A Facebook post or a tweet or an email is read and shared by a person with his entire network. The reach of the post grows by hundreds and thousands and this is what is called as viral marketing. The PPC ads, display ads, YouTube marketing efforts will bring more and more leads to the required business.

Majority of People are Online: In this digital era people across different ethnicities, different races and different languages are online most of the times on the internet. You will get a much wider demographic, geographic and language coverage across the world. You can reach any target audience for your business or service at any part of the world. Nowadays the number of people of 55+ age group engaged online has increased by 80% and similarly the people of age group 15 to 40 are also highly engaged online. The internet is the fastest growing demographic for digital marketing platform.

More Prospective Leads: Through the medium of the internet and social media platforms, you can create credibility and trust among your prospective customers by means of testimonials, reviews, and case studies. Your digital marketing efforts should be such that they should answer all the queries like how and why of the prospective customers. Content marketing often helps in converting visitors into leads and leads into prospects.

Create Trust: Cold calling fails in creating trust among prospective customers as there is no reason given to them for trust. But in the case of digital marketing, there is a strong social proof for the quality services, skills or products of a company in the form of reviews, testimonials and case studies. The online community is too used to finding what they want online in a jiffy and hence directing them towards a particular business or services website is very easy. You can also create helpful content for your prospective consumers through the means of your blogs and create a trust deposit by sharing them in social media.

Being Cost Effective: It is a common notion that cold calling is much cheaper than digital marketing as it requires only time. But in the present day, world time is money. The best ROI can be achieved through investing of time in what we do the best and using the remaining time in streamlining other business processes. Through digital marketing efforts, more lead generation and advertising can be achieved in less time at nominal costs when compared to cold calling.

Be More Assertive: Only 30% of the sales persons will be prepared to answer all the questions asked by prospective customers during cold calling. There is no proper communication happening between a prospective customer and the salesperson most of the time. Because rapport building takes time and the person getting the cold call will not have the patience for detailed communication. But in case of digital marketing, the business can communicate with the prospective customers through social media posts in stages, which will answer all their queries.

For B2B Leaders: A majority of decision makers in B2B companies make use of the social media posts in decision making. Whereas most of the decision makers in B2B businesses do not respond to the cold calls made to them.

From the above-stated points, we can infer that cold calling belongs to Stone Age and the modern 21st century is the era of digital marketing. The cold calling is good as dead and digital marketing is the future of marketing for businesses across various verticals. Hence, I suggest that all the business establishments either small or big must speed up their digital marketing efforts to reach out to more and more people.