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Boost ROI using these 4 mobile marketing strategies

Boost ROI using these 4 mobile marketing strategies

Friday July 21, 2017,

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Smartphones have become the part and parcel of everyone’s life these days. The journey that began from telephones invented by Graham Bell has now reached different heights. Many milestones were achieved and many benchmarks were set in the past years. The smartphone is the latest development which everyone is obsessed with.

This obsession has caused the desktops to become obsolete in use. More than entertainment or luxury or simply communication, smartphones have taken a step further to function like desktops and laptops. Probably, a possible threat to desktops in the near future!

The advent of the internet and social media has made it possible to take the businesses online. The online businesses have flourished with time. Right from the beginning, the consumers have responded well to this new addition in the area of shopping, business and promotions. Many firms open their websites to cater to their needs of marketing and a wider reach.

Online businesses, firms and services have made it possible for startups to expand their reach to different regions, people and areas. As a result of this, web users have increased with time. Online marketing became the need in no time.

Now, it is being seen that smartphones are replacing computers in this context also. Previously, many apps made miscellaneous works possible. The implementation of various apps had already been very successful which paved a way for something known as mobile marketing.

In the initial stages of its development, mobile marketing came across to be simply an option because people were accustomed to using their computers. But when one sees around today, mobile marketing is not an option.

Web users are now using their phones for searches very often. Also, the customer conversion rates from a smartphone are greater than 64 percent as compared to desktop conversion rates. By optimising the mobile marketing, one can dramatically raise business’s conversion rates.

Optimisation of mobile marketing is of primary importance as it enables to increase the return on investment.

Below is a list of four effective ways to increase the return on investment that is ROI from mobile marketing.

1. Framework is important for keywords

It is essential to understand how different is the search made by mobile users and that made by the desktop users. One of the noteworthy observations is that the mobile users usually perform more specific searches when compared to desktop users.

The desktop users usually look out for a certain type of dress, car, gadget, etc, a mobile user more likely will go for the manufacturer and model when they perform the search. So, it can be said that the searches made from the mobile are more precise, specific and time-saving.

Google has shifted its main goal to show the search results based on the intent of the user. The forthcoming mobile-first indexing of Google will rank and index the listings based on the mobile version of the site, even if the user performs a search from the desktop.

The keywords for mobile marketing solely depend on the framework or context of the content. It is a thing of the past when the site was optimized by using vague keywords and phrases.

Unlike the earlier days, it has now been said to consider user’s intent even before the manufacturer’s concern. The business site can be made more appealing for the mobile users by keeping the content user-friendly and consumer-oriented. Answering the frequently asked questions is quite popular these days.

2. Mobile-Friendly Sites are Vital

The business website should be easy to navigate on both the mobile device and the desktop. This enables easy search engine optimization and also keeps the mobile users on the site. Google uses mobile bots and desktop bots to crawl the site. But, the priority is given to the results of those mobile bots.

While using WordPress, make a point to choose a theme that works with mobile devices as well. The Google PageSpeed Insights tool can be used to check the speed of the business mobile site. It is also a brilliant idea to use software that allows one to crawl the site like a mobile bot and keep a check on any issues.

3. Marketing with Text Messages

When used correctly, Text Message Marketing is a very effective tool but many business owners are reluctant to use it. It is forecasted that the mobile marketing industry will be a $200 billion industry by 2019.

Email conversations have greater chances to be easily filtered into a spam folder. But many or almost all mobile users communicate through text messages. So, it is assumed that one may enjoy their luck in marketing with the help of text messages.

Another strategy that can work well for mobile marketing is to create an app for the business. It is easy to track the results in both apps as well as text messages.

4. Track the Results and Adjust when Necessary

The results of the mobile marketing must be checked regularly to understand the areas which need improvement. The major area of focus should be how the paid traffic gets converted as compared to unpaid traffic.

Keep a track of the figures for both the groups to understand which has a higher conversion rate. The conversion rates from the paid traffic should always be higher than other traffic sources because of the keywords were chosen.

There can be a targeting problem if the conversion rates of mobile paid advertising are lower than the conversion rates of organic search mobile traffic.


For any business to succeed in an increasingly competitive online marketplace it is important to get something substantial from mobile marketing. There will be a steady rise in ROI once you start implementing these 4 techniques. Moreover, there are many 4G smartphones which are now available in a budget segment that has added more feathers to the arena of mobile marketing. 

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