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How Brands are using personalization to Boost Customer Experience

In this article, we use the strategies used by leading brands to provide you tips on how to effectively personalize your customers’ experience.

How Brands are using personalization to Boost Customer Experience

Tuesday December 31, 2019,

4 min Read

Successful brands place importance on exceptional customer experience. They track their consumers’ needs and behaviors, and utilize the insights to improve the purchasing process. By enhancing the customer experience you can also increase your sales and revenue. 

Top brands use personalization to better the overall consumer experience. They use customer happiness software to learn about their customers’ requirements and then take action to fulfill them in a personalized manner. In a recent survey, 88% of marketing professionals said their business improved after they used consumer personalization strategies. A customer experience app can give you the needed tools to personalize the buyer experience. 

In this article, we use the strategies used by leading brands to provide you tips on how to effectively personalize your customers’ experience. 

Enable Your Consumers to Create Personal Profiles: To start, motivate your clients to create their personal profiles on your system. You can use these profiles to gain information on the interests and behaviors of each customer and provide relevant offers to them. Your customers will also agree with this strategy as a report indicates that more than 50% of consumers expect companies to anticipate their requirements and provide pertinent suggestions. Therefore, make it easy for your customers to create their profiles and offer you the needed information. 

Group Your Email Recipients: Use a customer experience software solution to segment your email recipients. This helps you to deliver pertinent content to each subscriber. Not all email subscribers have the same needs. Therefore, you should segment your recipients into specific lists to ensure they don’t get irrelevant emails. The benefits are enormous as segmented email programs can boost your revenue by 760%. 

Further, marketers reveal that more than half of their sales come from email messages that are efficiently targeted and segmented. In addition, segmented emails increase open and click rates, and have fewer bounces and unsubscribes. These metrics can help your firm to boost conversions and sales. 

Deploy Geo Targeting Strategies: You can also utilize the consumer’s location to individualize their experience. Group your email subscriber lists by Geo-location and customize your website’s content to the nation your visitors are navigating from. Moreover, leverage your mobile application to identify your customers’ exact local location compared to broader Geo-locations like country or state. Encourage your customers to reveal their location to you so you can deliver relevant notifications to them utilizing Geo fencing technology. 

Geo fencing enables you to create an area around your shop locations. Your app will send the user an alert that motivates them to buy when they enter the location. For instance, restaurants can send notification about a discount on their lunch meal to a mobile app user who enters their location during lunch hours. 

Implement a Consumer Loyalty Program: Aim for more than one-time sales by using personalization to improve customer retention and increase repeat purchases. You can achieve this with an impactful buyer loyalty program. Surveys indicate that 82% of customers show a willingness to purchase from companies that offer loyalty initiatives. In addition, loyal consumers spend higher amounts of money. 

Stats show that repeat customers add more items to their shopping carts, have higher rates of conversion, and produce more sales each shopping season. 

Listen to Buyer Feedback: Research reveals that 68% of customers leave a brand if they don’t get good attention or service from it. You can use a customer experience app to interview and survey your clients and tell them you regard their feedback valuable. Based on their suggestions and comments, you should make relevant changes and improvements after thorough analysis. Inviting customer feedback will also make your buyers feel closer to your brand and bond with it. 

Suggest Relevant Items: You can use the browsing and buying behaviors and histories of your customers to recommend pertinent products to them. Learn what your consumers are searching for and what they want to buy, and suggest related products and items to them. This can convert your visitors into paying customers both in-store and online. 

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