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How can I be sad?

She wasn’t born with it, but a certain medical condition made her like that.  I always wondered how it felt for her to experience her hearing ability decrease everyday.  

Thursday December 22, 2016,

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How can I be sad?

As long as my breath exists,

The sunshine and blue sky cover?

No one is made for loss. It is not part of our nature loss is when you no longer have something or less of something. This can be death of a person, hearing loss, speaking loss (dumbness) and walking disability (lame). Losing itself is not mostly the case, since there's always a way to cope with it. the surrounding otherwise can create a condition in which one with the loss might not be so comfortable with and sometimes develop depression.

The other case may be the one with the loss create a negative towards himself or herself no matter what the surrounding might be. There are several conditions in these kind of cases, but I have witnessed one which I believe is good to share.

I had this friend in secondary school with hearing loss. Her name was Mary. She wasn't born with it, but a certain medical condition made her like that. It just happened that she was ill and was prescribed a strong quinine dose. Her condition got better but she started experiencing a slow irreversible hearing loss and pain in the ear. Her mother searched for cure through doctors but none seemed to help. I always wonder how it felt for her to experience her hearing ability decrease everyday. Its like trying to catch the wind while it blows still, wish to wake up from a nightmare but the night seems endless and your eyes open still. After seeing that too many efforts were done, so much time was wasted, she told her mother one day, " hey don't I look fine...let me be now ".

As for todate, she is a deaf girl. Although she has hearing aid, she enjoys the adventure of living without them, using other sense to know things like sensing vibrations, the wind and reading people's lips. Nature protects her, helping her live in peace.

Sometimes I think she has a selfish advantage of selecting what she needs to know and not know, this way she can avoid unnecessary stress from her surrounding and escape any danger as long as she doesn't look. Like this one time we were being punished by a teacher for being late for class, but Mary just passed across us pretending not to see and obviously couldn't hear.

In a nutshell, life is simply how you look at it. Mary looked at the bright side of it and made it to her advantage. People learnt to live with her and some wished they were like her. It doesn't matter how incomplete you are, how you live will choose to eliminate it. My teacher once told me," life is a choice, not a chance".

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