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10 Tips To Increase Sales On Online Marketplaces In India

Follow these tips to  join top 5% sellers on online marketplaces.

 10 Tips To Increase Sales On Online Marketplaces In India

Tuesday November 07, 2017,

3 min Read

Become A Top Rated Seller<br>

Become A Top Rated Seller

Online marketplaces in India are becoming highly competitive and its difficult to stay ahead of the competition. But that doesn't mean you have to keep struggling. Be proactive and just do what needs to be done.

Here are some useful tips that can help you become a top-rated seller on marketplaces. Follow these tips and keep generating sales every day.

1. Keep customer satisfaction your top priority

Ensuring customer satisfaction should be at the top of your list to build a long-term solid business. Don't compromise with quality trying to make more profits. Also, never sell counterfeit goods. It's illegal as well.

2. Be a good learner

Always keep learning. There is sufficient seller training material provided by marketplaces. Read these tutorials and listen to seller training videos that are available to help you become a top-rated seller.

Marketplaces are more than happy to help you at every step and want you to be successful. Don't hesitate to contact seller support in case of any doubts.

3. Dispatch products on or before time.

After receiving the order don't take more than one day to ship. Experienced sellers have reported they got more orders for items that were never out of stock and which they shipped same day or next day.

4. Use Seller Fulfillment Services

At present, FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and 'Flipkart Advantage' are the best services available in India. Products listed using these services have more visibility and sales.

When you use these services you only need to send your products to the marketplace warehouse directly. They pack and ship the goods themselves.

'Amazon Prime' and 'Flipkart Assured' badges also give a boost to the sales.

5. List more products

List at least 10 products. Your chances of getting orders increase if you have more than 10 products listed. So keep enough inventory of varied products. Remember, you can sell under as many product categories as you want to.

6. Write Good Product Descriptions

While listing the products, upload good quality images and write detailed product descriptions. This helps buyers to make the right decision about buying your product.

Marketplaces have specific guidelines about the quality of images that are acceptable. There are different image editing tools online that you can use to optimize the product images.

7. Respect customer feedback,

Always keep improving and consistently make efforts to provide the best service to your customers. Take customer feedback seriously and in good spirits by stepping into the shoes of your customer.

8. Avoid Seller Breaches

Never miss any shipment. If particular items are sold out, remember to mark available quantity set to zero before getting the order so you don't have to cancel the order. Seller cancellation of orders have a huge negative impact and repeated cancellations may force marketplaces to cancel your seller account.

9. Do Proper Packaging

Ensure proper packaging of goods especially for fragile and delicate items. Marketplaces have given guidelines to sellers about how to pack goods in different categories.

This is important to avoid the damage of goods in transit. Also, impressive packing leaves good first impression on customers. Sincerely adding a small 'Thank You' card inside the pack is also a great idea.

10. Never break any rules

Follow rules and guidelines of marketplaces. Before selling on marketplaces, carefully read their terms and follow best practices. Never break the rules. Marketplaces are becoming stricter and may cancel seller account of defying merchants.