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SEM or SMM – What should you choose for your startup?

It is claimed by Best SEO Company round the world that most clients arriving at their desk are confused as to what they should choose between SEM and SMM for gearing up their small or start-up business online.

SEM or SMM – What should you choose for your startup?

Thursday November 16, 2017,

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It is claimed by Best SEO Company around the world that most clients arriving at their desk are confused as to what they should choose between SEM and SMM for gearing up their small or start-up business online. No matter which of the two methods are employed, the initial aim of both is to market the business on the web by increasing the visibility to drive traffic and sales.


The roads to achieve the expected results differ though. Those who possess technical knowledge can make a wise decision themselves while for entrepreneurs who have a limited budget and are medium-sized startups often ponder what to choose to hit the exact target audience without wasting much time for marketing business easily.

The game of digital marketing is even simpler for gigantic businesses as they can lavishly spend on both, search engine optimization and social media marketing where the former solves the purpose of ranking high in SERPs and latter performs branding and boosts sales through promotional offers and any applicable strategy. When users are constantly becoming specific about search and search engines are improving display results, it is important to choose an accurate strategy to make the investment worth.

SMM – The Prime Marketing Channel

Many small businesses seem to incline towards social media marketing by getting it done by one of the Best SEO Company to try their fortune by making the brand, products or promotional offers popular in the initial stage. It also promises driving numbers of potential customers which are dependent on the efforts made for SMM which don’t involve any keyword research.

Here is how different niches utilize Social Media Marketing:

1. A business profile or page creation is a must for small or large businesses. Commonly used social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

2. Sharing of content like images and videos to business page keep users engaged.

3. They utilize different social media platforms for displaying ads accordingly with a well-planned demographic target audience (age, gender, region etc)

4. Management of Facebook and Instagram profiles from one place.

5. Snapchat marketing is trending for lifestyle, food and travel industry.

6. Staying active on Twitter is required, both as a business owner and user. Twitter trends assist in deciding what kind of content should be shared on other social networks.

7. Social media sharing of an on-site blog of an E-commerce website and ensure its maximum reach to the target audience.

8. Frequent Check on analytics and observing optimum time, frequency and content of the page, finding out most engaging posts and producing more of it.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

1. Like with SMM, SEM demands the creation of a business profile on the web in every search engine from which traffic is desired.

2. There is minimal or say no difference between SEO and SEM. It involves on-page SEO which consists of optimizing the URL structure of website and product category pages, sitemap submission, robots.txt file, 301 redirects and canonical tags and so on which enhances the website according to the requirements of search engine-friendly site.

3. Performing Off-Page SEO involves interlinking of social media profiles and performing activities which increase backlinks of the site.

4. Creation of blog and frequently updating it with fresh content to keep users engaged.

5. Getting business listed in high-authority business listing sites which will help you in targeting specific region.

6. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and ratings which inspire visitors to trust you and shop from your site.

Regardless of having your start-up website developed by one of the best E-commerce development company, you’ll still have to approach a digital marketing or SEO agency to get your job done. There is no alternative than approaching one of the Best SEO company if you want your startup to be successful.

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