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Learn digital marketing for free

7 Reasons of learning Digital Marketing

Learn digital marketing for free

Thursday December 22, 2016,

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There are several reasons you should opt for digital marketing but I will list some of the most vital roles that digital marketing helps .

1) Digital marketing ( An evergreen opportunity )

Out of world's 1/3rd population approx in today's time uses the internet for the variety of reasons and it is increasing every second. Which means the opportunity is endless for those who wants to build their career in Digital marketing. In today's world where competition is high and standing out of the crowd is tougher and if you are the one who can stay out of the crowd than you are at the right field. Marketing is an unstoppable field where a company needs marketer whether online or offline.


2)Global exposure

While learning digital marketing you will come across many regional based optimisation tactics which are helpful for a location-based search that allows people to find you on search engines locally & globaly. Your property (website) can connect to the world which helps understand the current trends in digital marketing .

3)Learning Web Culture

Like traditional methods of marketing , you can also learn how people react to your site? which content they love? what information , products or services are in demand can be fullfiled . how web traffic interacts with your website ? where they go on your site after landing on your landing page ? how long they stay on your website?

4)PR activities

You can actually interact with people out there on the web. Create your public relations and site reputation which will in return bring traffic to your site , it also helps your organic traffic to stay tunned with you with email-list subscription techniques (it generates returning traffic).

5)Traffic = "INCOME"

For the unique traffic you get the advertisement revenue (not recomended for new sites). In india it takes 6 months approximately to get your AdSense linked to your website.

6) Content writers

For people having good hold on langauges and are passionate about writing fresh creative content for various websites can do freelance work too ,one i know is contentmart.com but i am sure there are many. Good fresh creative content is the favourite dish to google.

content marketing?

7) Work satisfaction.

There are many people out there who are working in the field which is totally against their passion. for instance you have DIY ideas and you love to do that but unfortunately you are not able to work in the field you love , you can always opt for the second option i.e web show your creative side to people and earn a freelance income by fullfilling yout passion. This leads you to work satisfaction.