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4 persuasive digital marketing tactics to boost your performance

4 persuasive digital marketing tactics to boost your performance

Friday April 20, 2018,

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Digital marketing entails email advertising, SEO, online advertising, social media and website design. This presents a challenge to local business owners who only want to draw more eyeballs to their sites. Typically, these entrepreneurs are too busy researching on the best marketing approaches for their businesses.

In this regard, Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, elaborates on important digital marketing strategies that any business can adopt in 2017. Local business owners such as lawyers, dentists, doctors, and restaurateurs will find the strategies extremely useful.

1. Bear in mind, your site is a convertible "mustang"

Every aspect of the digital marketing must drive SEO internet traffic to the business website. This must be regarded highly important. Many websites were created with an unresponsive design which means they are challenging to navigate on devices such as mobile and look strange. Research shows that over 43% of client traffic emerges from mobile devices with the figure projected to increase. Thus, a business site must be appealing with an easy navigation on mobile gadgets. Visitors should be able to click on an email address or a phone number to contact the business owner or management. Additionally, if clients have to write down the contact, then a company is likely to lose them to competitors with sites that are mobile optimized. The idea, therefore, is to convert visitors into eater an email, phone call or a walk-in.

2. Execute "rich answers" on the website

People are now changing how they utilize Google. Visitors no longer want to look out for information but prefer Google to respond to their queries. As a company, Google has invested in this opportunity by introducing "rich answers" to its search algorithm and improve SEO experience. This provides more accurate results. In this regard, any local business owner has common questions they often respond to from clients. Thus, it would be brilliant to implement rich answers on a business website such that they appear first when Google is asked questions.

3. Utilize social media prudently


Apparently, most local businesses are stuck when deciding on social channels to use and how posting should be done. An important rule is to understand your customer base. Social media is not a new concept. To tune your customers, start with other social media experts. Moreover, posting on social media is simply creating a voice for the business in addition to communicating with loyal clients. Thus, an entrepreneur should be careful to avoid overloading the site with promotions and specials.

4. Remain focused on email marketing

Some years back, email marketing was put aside to pave the way for social media marketing. However, for most local businesses, email marketing is a cheap and great technique for communicating with customers. Instagram and Facebook show post to only a fraction of followers. They require one to pay to reach more people. An entrepreneur can send new menu items, event information and specials at no cost by using email. Use of MailChimp allows a business owner to send messages to 2,000 contacts which are an effective marketing platform.

In conclusion, local business owners should constantly look at their business websites to make sure contact information is operational. Other digital marketing strategies can then be implemented to drive traffic to the site.