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From an idea to App Store and Play Store in 2 months

From an idea to App Store and Play Store in 2 months

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

3 min Read

It all started with an idea in July 2017, and here in September 2017 we are on iOS and Android in less than 2 months. With a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work from my team, we are bringing something truly from our hearts and we hope you will try iGuess app and will love it.


What I learned...

Time to Market

If you have an idea, try to get it out in the market asap. See what is important for you to learn the potential for your app and launch with those features. There are many plugins/services available now which reduces development time. These might be paid services but they will save lot of development and testing time. At the end of the day, the amount you will pay would be more if would have developed it yourself. At the end, even if idea doesn't work you learn a lot by trying.

Build a Team

Find the people around you who are ready to walk with you on a rough road. You might find 2 or 3 people out of 100 that are willing to be part of your mission. But those 2 to 3 people take you the finish line. If you try to do everything on your own, it will take longer. Secondly, you are going to skip some of the important features. For the things you don't know, hire people to do those tasks. We have experience in developing large scale web application. This was our first app. We choose the Ionic framework, which is a popular hybrid app development platform. We are very pleased with the technology we choose to build this app.

The Right People

I was lucky, well even though I don't believe in luck. You need to get the right people and you need to be lucky to find those people. And, I was lucky to have extremely talented front-end and backend developers, who solved every challenge they faced. Most important is everyone felt it was their own project.

Decision Maker

I had to make lot of tough decisions but having those decisions under my control I was able to decide quickly. This helped us to be on schedule. I am not sure if every decision was right, but we can always correct in the next release.


My job was to make sure team is focused on the task given to them. I made sure they are not distracted by external factors. We maintained task list with name next to each task. The team picked up the task and updated as it was completed.

Long Hours

All of us who worked on this app have a full time job. At the end of the day, we looked forward to go home and work evenings, as well as time on the weekends, perfecting this app. There were many sleepless nights, but it was all worth it!


After our launched we send the app link to friend's for review. We got very valuable feedback. We immediately incorporated every feedback we received from our friends. If they feel it others will feel it too. 


After our launch we spend sometime to relax before we can take up next challenge. It is important to celebrate every milestone.

I hope this was helpful.

iGuess App Team