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India’s Ruby on Rails App Development Market 2020

Ruby on Rails is a rapidly becoming popular open source framework for web application development, which is based on MVC. ROR is very responsive and fast, which enable the developers to work with efficiency and increase the productivity. Just found a decade ago, ROR is now the backbone of several popular applications on the web.

Friday May 19, 2017,

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The growing demand for ROR has now emphasized the need for programmers. Today many companies used Ruby, including CNET, BBC, Amazon, NASA, Yahoo and JP Morgan.

ROR mainly focuses on information delivery than the physical product delivery, which enables to build apps quickly at low cost. This is one of the main reasons why programmer to choose ROR.

The programming framework provided by ROR includes easily configurable components, which can be used to create web-based applications.

Trending Ruby on Rails

Quality and agility are the two main factors to be taken seriously into considerations why you hire ruby on rails programmer. Finding a qualified programmer offering best ROR solutions is quite a cumbersome task. Similarly, it may be time-consuming when you attempt to hire ruby on rails programmer on the basis of experience and portfolio.

Whilst talking about the job growth trends, the ROR developers are now a very hot commodity. With the major players like Salesforce.com, HP and VMware making the important moves in the industry emphasizing Ruby as the major language of cloud, the job market now continues to grow for the ROR developers.

All major businesses are exploring about how they can use ROR to build their next-generation products and services. They further strive to discover a significant development coupled with low up-front investment and cost savings. This makes an ideal move for the companies continue choosing Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails, written in Ruby programming language was first released in 2004. Although it stumbled to reach top ranking among other programming languages, it took a hike when Apple announce that it would ship ROR with Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard”. This made many to use Ruby.

The popularity of Ruby began to grow gradually from 2015 after many companies started adopting programmer-friendly web framework and language. Now in 2017, it reached the top position ever since its introduction.

Why is Ruby on Rails Popular?

Ruby on Rails has now become one of the hottest technical trends. Its flexibility, efficient content management, accelerated web process; ease of use, customization and the cost has made it a perfect choice to choose by many companies. Ruby can create a fully functional web application. It has been estimated that over 1.2 million websites across the web world are running on Ruby on Rails.

ROR is perfect for agile software development. Most of the start-ups and tech companies apply agile methodology, which further made ROR be a perfect fit for their web application development needs.

Becoming Ruby on Rails Programmer

With many companies using ROR, the job opportunities for the rails programmer is also increasing. Whilst highlighting the salary package of the Ruby programmer, it is said that a programmer with even less than a year experience has potential to get higher median salary than the Java programmer. Bureau of Labor Statistics further reports that the job outlook for Ruby programmer is projected to growth by 22% in 2022. This is significantly a faster ratio, therefore, those who strive to pursue their career in a fast growing industry with huge growth potential can choose to learn Ruby on Rails and Agile platforms.

Ruby on Rails is now across various sectors and companies that are moving operations online including e-commerce, education, retail, insurance, health, and manufacturing. Moreover, the mobile applications built with ROR will also become a large sector in the nearing future. Ruby also provides a large scope for innovation.

Although Ruby on Rails has many great advantages and reasons to be chosen by many companies, there are still some criticisms going on about its efficiency. Perhaps, the majority of the businesses find it to be economical, quick and efficient. The latest implementation of Ruby such as JRuby, Ruby 1.9 and Rubinius prove this language to be efficient. The evolution of Ruby further makes this programming language to be highly competitive. ROR allows internal development groups to be highly productive and accelerate the development projects. The benefits of building new apps in Rail are certainly higher than Java.

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