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How to protect your data during a disaster? Here are the right solutions

How to protect your data during a disaster? Here are the right solutions

Tuesday January 16, 2018,

3 min Read

Whether you are a small or a large business, being ready to prevent the risk of losing any valuable data due to the disastrous situation should be your priority. Don’t consider disaster the natural calamities like hurricane, storm, floods and other weather-related situation. Experts say that that this is merely not the case. In the IT world, disaster includes human errors, Ransomware, corrupt hardware along with other “disasters” that can cause a datacenter outage.

If you don’t have disaster recovery solution in place, you can run the risk of losing more than your valuable data. You may damage your client’s loyalty and do irreversible destruction to your business.


Here are basic ideas for establishing a disaster recovery solution in place. 

Disaster Recovery Plan 

Begin your data recovery plan by conducting business imp

Recovery time objective: Recovery time objective or RTO determines the maximum acceptable time your application can remain offline. This value is typically the body of your larger service level agreement (SLA). 

• Recovery point objective: Recovery point objective or RPO is the maximum time during which your data is at risk and can be lost from your application because of the severe incident. RPO depends on the ways you use data within your organization. For instance. RPO is set to be for a few minutes for the data used very frequently. 

Considering Disaster Recovery Solution

No doubt, well-established disaster recovery solution providers aim to reduce the overall costs of RTO and RPO. But if you want to establish in-house recovery solution, you will responsible for any number of requirements, comprising: capacity to acquire enough resource so that it can meet your needs when you scale, proper security for the assets protection, state-of-the-art-network infrastructures such as firewalls, software components and much more.

Besides, you will need experienced technicians who can perform maintenance and fix issues, suitable bandwidth to bear a heavy load, physical infrastructure such as power and many others. That’s why, it is important to opt for a cloud-based disaster recovery platform.

Cloud Platform for the Disaster Recovery 

It is always better to choose a cloud-based disaster recovery platform for your business. Many IT companies in India provide you the high-managed solution on a world-class production platform. Choosing a cloud-based technology allows you to bypass every completed factor, and reduce business costs.

Below are some of the benefits you can reap:


If you have branches across the globe, you need strong redundancy. It means your data should be monitored automatically and you can access every data at any time and from anywhere. It is only possible with a cloud-based infrastructure.

Worldwide networks

Big and reputable service providers have large and advanced networks across the globe. They have thousands of miles fiber optic cable, advanced software, strong networking, and edge-cutting services. You can get speed, regular and scalable performance.


The main objective of reputable disaster recovery solution providers is to keep clients’ safe and away from any unforeseen events. They have certified engineers and professionals to check site’s reliability; vet oversees operations and ensures high availability, and stop the abuse of platform resources.


One of the most effective business is that cloud platform can scale when you grow. If you need broader services and expand your networks in the near future, cloud platform is the best bet. Many professional companies give the facility of automatic scaling options that allows you to meet the required needs.

To sum up, every business should be well prepared to protect their important data in any disastrous situation. To ensure this, they need to look for the best disaster recovery solution provider. It is the most comprehensive way to keep businesses growing without any worry of data loss due to disaster.