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Top news stories-How to detect fake news

Fake news is all about bending the truth, it can be either for fun or to gain business or political advantage from it. Fake news can be easily distinguished from the top news stories.

Top news stories-How to detect fake news

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

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We all know that fake news is not a new invention, it’s been there from the time of the radio and when the newspaper was the only source of getting top news stories. At that time it was easy to figure out whether a news is fake or not. But now things has been changed, even the fake news is presented in such a way that people find it difficult to differentiate between the fake and real news stories. It is learned that some fake news sites intentionally try to pass themselves off as real, either by never disclosing their satirical nature or hiding the disclosure deep within their website. For instance, they will post latest international news headlines about global warming, where they will publish fake news just like any other normal news.

How will you know which news is fake and which is real? Well, just keep these points in mind:

Consider the source

Before believing on any news, check the domain and URL of the site. Is the source a reputed news channel or there is a slight variation that might look like the right source? Another indicator of whether the site is fake or not is the “About Us” section. Every news websites showcase their values, and editorial philosophies in “About Us”, you can easily know whether it is a fake news site or a real one.

Go into the details

Going into the details of the news is the best things you can do to know whether a news is fake or not. Most of us just read the headlines and skip the full story, but when you read a little further, you will realize that the article they published is actually fabricated. Many fake news stories are put in such a way that you easily distinguish it with real stories. Whether you are reading the current political news or a sports update just read in detail before making a point.

Check the news for multiple sources

Easiest way to verify the authenticity of the news is just check for that news in other news websites. A fake news cannot be on every mainstream news websites. You will also find that most of the fake news are presented in humorous way, they are written or printed to entertain.

It is important to follows news stories from multiple sources. Multiple sources will guarantee that you will get only the authentic news related to the trending topics.

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