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5 Tips by Amit Singh for Entrepreneurial Success

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

5 Tips by Amit Singh for Entrepreneurial Success

Wednesday May 13, 2020,

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Amit Singh

Entrepreneurship, even though challenging, yet remains one of the top choices for talented and ambitious youngsters these days. However, such a feat requires not only persistence and patience but immense hard work and discipline too. One needs to work smarter instead of harder since the current era demands quality not quantity.

For entrepreneurial success, it is also essential that you develop your business into your passion or vice versa. This increases your chances of success enormously since you will never get bored of your work.

Amit Singh, the owner of Fusion Gym in Mumbai is the best illustration of an entrepreneur who has turned his passion for fitness into a business and is doing exceedingly well at it.

So, here are 5 tips by him for Entrepreneurial Success:

  • Formulate a detailed plan- In this practical world, a detailed and well-researched plan becomes the starting point of any business. The scopes of your business, the current trends, competitors, etc. are highly essentials topics that you have to research on. 

To make any business successful, planning plays a very important role. A proper detailed plan will highlight your strengths and mark your weaknesses. It will help you set goals for your business in the future so that you can work towards it and also help you in preparing for a plethora of situations that could arise.

  • Start networking- Networking, although a tedious and time-taking process, reaps immense benefits in businesses. You might have a bit of reluctance in engaging in conversations with unknown people or trying to build a contact with them, yet it is an important facet of your business and is necessary to have a successful entrepreneurial business. It does not harm anyone to send random LinkedIn requests or messages on any such networking forums.

Once you muster up the will to form a reliable base and trusted contacts, whether it be of any profession, you will be confident that you at least know people who will help you when you need it. However, you need to be careful as to reach out to proper people, in the proper manner so as to not appear too needy or over-reaching. Fostering relationships with successful people will also help you in getting honest and helpful feedbacks.

  • Strengthen your skills- It is human behaviour to try and achieve anything and everything. What one needs to keep in mind during one’s entrepreneurship career is to focus on your strengths and passion. You need to work towards improving your strengths by staying updated and challenging yourself incessantly. Each one of us possesses a certain set of skills and qualities that one should nurture instead of trying to build new ones and then implement those skills in your businesses.

Trying out new things is always a plus point, but you should be careful to not explore beyond your expertise and instead focus on strengthening your business. Developing your passion into your career is a boon that you should cherish. This will keep you excited regarding your work so much so that you will always remain inspired to do better at all costs. It is highly essential that you trust your own self and your skills.

  • Build a trustworthy team- Even though entrepreneurship is a challenging job and usually a one-person effort yet you will need a team by your side if you plan on growing your business. Therefore, you need a team on whom who can rely on and delegate your work reasonably. A person can never single-highhandedly win a war, one always needs the support of others.

A trustworthy team will assist you and support you in a plethora of ways that will help you succeed in your business. Once you establish your business you will also need to employ only trustworthy persons under you. The aim is to look for quality over quantity. Two talented and hard-working employees will reap you more benefits than a group of six insincere individuals.

  • Never give up attitude- An avid believer of the saying “Winners never quit, and quitters never win,” he considers persistence, hard work and dedication to be the ultimate guide for an entrepreneurial success. Through his journey, he reflects that it is highly important to be clear of one’s goals and work relentlessly towards it.

Failure is an indispensable part of business and while it can shatter you completely, it can also help you grow by recognising your short-comings and then subsequently, overcoming them. What matters is your will to do better and even though the days may always not seem so bright, all you have to do is believe in yourself and keep your work going. Entrepreneurship brings with it the ultimate fear of failure but you should never give up on your goals.