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Keep Your Business Relevant with a Smart Video Strategy

Keep Your Business Relevant with a Smart Video Strategy

Friday August 18, 2017,

3 min Read

The modern business must do more than simply produce a good product, or render services efficiently to their customers. Certainly, these fundamentals are at the heart of any successful business enterprise, but no smart business owner will neglect the power of successful marketing and engagement in making their business relevant to consumers and growing the bottom line.


Successful businesses will use the work of creative video editors to craft engaging videos to present their products, services, and expertise to potential customers. These videos can be presented on a variety of platforms, from traditional broadcast mediums to social media. But there’s more to successful video strategy than enlisting some creative video editors and putting them to work. You’ll need a strategy for the kinds of videos you’ll make, how often you’ll update or refresh them, and the specific platforms you’ll place them on.

Keep your content fresh

Video can’t be a one-time project for your business. You’ll need to create new videos to show off new products and new services, as well as create new tutorials and instructional videos to cover new techniques and product uses. Your video portfolio should also have new seasonal content on a regular basis. For example, a video showing new seasonal products or showing what products of yours that your employees would like for the holiday season is a great way to humanize your business.


Video form factors

Shop around on the internet, and you'll see many different approaches to video. It's important to see what other companies are doing in the field of video, and it's often a touchstone for inspiration that can help you collaborate with creative video editors to craft compelling videos that will work for you.

• Short-form videos: You may have a lot to say about your business, particularly if you carry a wide range of products or offer a variety of services. But the key thing to remember when you’re crafting your video strategy is to “keep it short.” Online audiences typically don’t want to see a long video, particularly if they’re in the information-gathering phase of their shopping path. Work with your creative video editors to streamline individual videos, and more importantly, outline your video needs and decide on how you can break up the content you want into short, bite-size chunks.

• Long-form videos: There are times when brevity is not good. Videos can often be an excellent way to build confidence in customers that they’ll be able to use and enjoy your products. Think do-it-yourselfers who may not feel ready to tackle a bigger household project. Collaborating with outsource creative editing company to create comprehensive installation videos can provide the level of support and information that will help potential customers take the leap. In these cases, the key determining element for your video shouldn’t be brevity, but completeness.

• Customer-generated material: Just as consumer reviews have become an important selling tool for business websites, don’t discount what consumer-generated videos can do for you. A customer unboxing video that shows real pleasure in one of your products can be a potent selling tool.

Remember to sell yourself – the call to action

Even the best-produced videos, resulting from your collaboration with creative video editors, aren’t going to work for your business without a call to action. You don’t have to give your potential customers the hard sell, but no video should ever be released unless it makes it clear to your customers that you can provide them the product or service that your video talks about, and makes it easy for them to do so.