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Pros and cons of an electronic sewing machine!

Pros and cons of an electronic sewing machine!

Thursday June 09, 2016,

3 min Read

A question that has brought in endless debates and are bound to create endless debates for the future too – what kind of sewing machine should you buy and what are the pros and cons of each? Would an electric sewing machine suit my need and if so, how easy is it to maintain? The list is frankly endless and the discussion has being going on for years. To help you make an easy and informed decision, here are a list of pros and cons that suit you completely towards buying that perfect sewing machines for your home.

Which would suit you best – electronic or mechanical?

Off late, you tend to hear everyone talking about the benefits of owning different kinds of tailoring machines. In fact, all your major brands have invested in creating different kinds of machines and that is mainly because of the kinds of users that have been built on them. Using a specific kind of machine does have its benefits but would it mean a better use? The obvious idea is to understand the kind of sewing you would do. A computerized or electric sewing machine is of perfect use if you know how to make built in stitches, buttonholes and so on. Yes, it does look extremely fancy and would be a great addition to your home, but would it suit your need? Not really if you do not know how to use these features. Hence, if you are a beginner and are learning the trade, pick up a mechanical sewing machine and get to stitching perfectly. Owning a computerized machine that has 150 built in stitches may not suit you best

Do you get technology easily?

Well, if you do not, stay away from an electric sewing machine. There are different features that are used for high end or tech savvy needs and most of us do not even follow it well. There are automatic features and yes, these are huge in terms of time saving, but not all of us understand or follow how it has to be used. So, unless you are going to use the machine in high volume and also can easily understand the usage of such a machine – stay away.

Budget you have kept in mind!

There is no debate here, the mechanical Sewing machine price is lot lesser than most other models – so choosing the budget you have placed is most important. There is not a huge difference in terms of upgrades and model differences but you would be able to make do with a mechanical device.


Make no hesitation, both machines do not have stark differences when it comes to maintenance; it is all about the way you use the machine. The mechanical machine would require a fair bit of right usage but would fit in perfectly if you use it the right way. An electric sewing machine owner has to be a little careful with the dial and the switches but with a little care, that would be perfect too. 

electric sewing machine

electric sewing machine