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Easebuzz: The Easy Way of Selling Products Online

Easebuzz is a portal through which you can create your own online store with zero set-up fees or hosting charges. Get a free online payment solution & webstore to get started.

Easebuzz: The Easy Way of Selling Products Online

Thursday October 27, 2016,

3 min Read

Easebuzz, a simple platform dedicated to helping your business create the right kind of buzz and reap rich profits. Today the world is going online and if you want your business to be a part of the winning league, Easebuzz is the platform to be! Integrating multiple ecommerce platforms, Easebuzz gives you a chance to create free web stores, accept as well as manage online payments and make big sales easily. Through this platform, you can create a digital shop in seconds and just share the payment link to be paid directly.

The best part is that the platform allows you to promote your business through its transparent procedures. In fact, the very comfort of taking your business digital gives you the ability to take your products and offerings to a wider pool of customers. This in turn allows you to make bigger profits. The payment solutions are also easy to use. Thanks to the transparency in processes, you can sell fast and easy.

How does it work?

Easebuzz is here to change the face of digital trade for the better. The working is really easy. Almost as easy as creating a profile for yourself on any of the popular social media networks. Log in and create a profile for your business. This is easy and barely takes a few seconds. You can then circulate the link of this store among friends and family to popularise your business and reach out to more customers.

In fact, use the link to promote your products and reap richer profits. Collecting payments is also easy through our integrated solutions.

Why is it easier and better?

Getting into e-commerce is not easy. You have to do everything, right from creating a portal to integrating payment solutions.This can be quite taxing, let alone the massive investment it demands. Easebuzz already has all these facilities and you get to use it without any prior investment.

What can you sell?

When the world is online, there is no limit on what you can sell. Popularise events or talk about the latest offerings of your eyewear collection, all types of businesses can be promoted through Easebuzz. Each time a sale is made, you will be notified and you have to start paying a small percentage of every sale that you make. Given the plethora of advantages that the platform offers, this amount is as good as peanuts. Plus the best part is that you don’t need to pay till you don’t make the sale.

So, why hold back? Get onto Easebuzz today and witness the evolution of your business like never before.