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Fit-Tech platforms: changing the wellbeing landscape in India

Fit-Tech platforms: changing the wellbeing landscape in India

Monday April 24, 2017,

5 min Read

A popular meme shared on social media at the end of each year features three snapshots of a gym - two taken wellbeing on 31st December and 2nd January, featuring an empty hall, and the third featuring scores of people exercising on 1st January.

This joke is not too far from reality, though. Most people who wish to achieve their fitness goals are unable to do so either due to lack of infrastructure (running tracks, sports facilities, cycling tracks, etc), inability to access expert advice, or lack of motivation.

The good news, in the past year platforms have emerged that leverage technology enabling users to follow a regular, balanced fitness routine as well as monitor physical wellbeing. From mobile fitness apps and health-centric websites to wearable technology- here are Fit-Tech products to look out for in 2017:


Conceived in 2015, FITPASS is a platform based on a unique format which allows users to workout at a plethora of gyms and fitness studios in Delhi NCR, consult their own personal nutritionist and purchase supplements & apparel at the most competitive prices online. All on the FITPASS app. For just Rs. 999, users can choose from a wide range of workout options and workout at 1250+ gyms and fitness studios. FITPASS is 70% more cost-effective than an average gym membership, and removes all barriers to fitness. In addition to working out, users are also assigned their own dedicated, personal nutritionist. Users can chat with their nutritionist in-app, as well as schedule voice calls through the app. FITPASS users can also track their calories and water intake on the FITPASS app. This has increased its popularity, and helped it gain a massive customer base within a short period of time.

Available on iOS and Android, this Fit-Tech platform is disrupting the fitness market in India through its focus on choice and accessibility.

Moreover, you can also book an Uber in-app to your chosen workout destination, redefining convenience.



GOQii brings users the best of personalised healthy lifestyle coaching along with comprehensive health management. The digital health and fitness subscription service combines one-on-one mobile personal coaching with fitness tracking technology to help users shift to a healthier lifestyle. GOQii’s concept is based on the latest developments in wearable technology, whereby an activity tracker or smart watch is connected to a professional health and fitness coach of the user’s choice via the GOQii app. These coaches include nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness experts with varying specialties. They are always available to guide users through a range of health concerns such as weight management, endurance and strength training, marathon training, yoga, stress management, illness control and others. Users receive ample support to make long-lasting improvements in wellbeing, and to develop healthy habits that can become a part of their lifestyles.

One can avail of a three-month, six-month or twelve-month subscription with charges as low as Rs. 11 per day, and utilise the GOQii Tracker which keeps count of steps walked, hours spent sleeping and active time. The tracker also has reminder alarms, a touch-screen OLED display and a battery life of up to seven days. In addition, a 360-degree motion sensor makes sure that the best in wearable technology guides users’ lifestyle changes. The sweat-proof, water-resistant tracker helps users meet their daily fitness targets and rewards them with a ‘Karma Point’ for every 390 steps they walk. These Karma Points can be utilised in the form of real monetary donations to charities, positively benefitting not just the wearer of the tracker, but many more people. 


HealthifyMe is a digital weight loss app that helps users track calories and achieve weight loss goals Users can download the app from Google Play Store, and get started on their fitness journey. The app uses details such as gender, date of birth, weight and lifestyle description to calculate BMI and helps users focus on an ideal weight. A plan is designed for each user, that specifies how many calories the person should consume and how many should be burnt during workouts. HealthifyMe allows users to keep a tab on their lifestyle by logging food, activity, water, weight and steps walked on a daily basis. Users can feed in the details of the food they ate as meals and snacks. The app then calculates the calorie count as along with nutritional details. Similarly, the app also calculates calories burnt once users enter the activity performed and the time taken. Users can track over ten thousand Indian foods & one thousand exercises.

One can also set a daily weight loss goal and log in one’s daily weight changes. Users receive real-time insights and automated analytics on their health. In addition, one can also access expert advice from India’s top certified coaches specializing in diet, fitness and Yoga. There are also options to connect with like-minded health enthusiasts across India and engage in fun tasks together.