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Must try practices in web push notifications in 2018

Web push notification has become one of the most sought out methods among marketers for reaching out to customers more conveniently and easily.  There are many ways in which you can use these notifications to increase your customer engagement, ROI, CTR and much more. Here are some must-try practices in Web Push Notifications.

Must try practices in web push notifications in 2018

Tuesday March 13, 2018,

5 min Read


Web Push Notifications is a boon when it comes to marketing as it is the fastest and easiest way to reach out to customers. But, it is essential to make sure that the users are not been poured with too many of them as it might infuriate the users leading to an unsubscription! So, how to reach out to your users with the notifications to yield the best results? Well, PushEngage has its roots spread in more than 125 countries and have worked with more than 6000 websites. And, with our experience, we can say that things can work well if you are smart enough to practice Web Push Notifications the right way.

Optimizing Push Notification opt-in and then creating the push notification is essential to create an effective Web Push Notification. So, here we go with some of the must-try practices in Web Push Notifications which we believe can get you the best results.

There are basically four factors to consider creating an effective web push notification:

• The timing of the message - 

Always pick the right time to send your notification


1. Ensure that you always keep an eye on the local time zones of your users and follow them.

2. Know your customer routine and send notifications when they are most active.

• The content of the message - 

The message should convey the information to evoke an action by the user. Ensure the title, description etc convey the message.

1. The title should be crisp & simple, should create urgency, and evokes curiosity, usage of emojis.

2. The description should sync with the title, should alert the benefits of clicking the notification, texts should not get broken towards the end.

3. Website Icon creates a branding and the rate of success is oh higher side

4. The image makes a notification look more appealing and can increase CTR up to 62% depending on the industry type.

5. Call to Action buttons should be clearly indicating the user what he/she should do. It increases the CTR

• The target for the message - 

Setting the right target of users and segment them depending on the notification.


. Segment users based on age, gender, geolocation, browsing history and device

2. Send personalized notification to users based on the abandoned cart, purchase behavior, browsing history and transaction push

• Relevancy & Setting of the message -

 Once a user clicks on your notification, make sure he is directed to the right landing page.

1. Landing page - share the expiry date of the offer, detailed information about the notification

Different Types of Web Push Notification Campaigns

There are four types of Web Push Notification campaigns that can deliver successful results. Identify your goal and choose the right campaign.

1. Nurture Campaign

2. Promotional campaign

3. Transactional Campaign

4. Alert Campaign

Nurture Web Push Notification Campaign

It is very important to nurture your users by explaining to them the benefits of your products and building up their trust in you. They should, in fact, recommend you to others and that is where your benefit lies. This way you are indirectly getting a brand image. Creating a Drip notification Campaign will be the best for the same. While creating drip notification, there are certain practices you can follow to yield the best result:

• Create benefit drip where you explain the benefits a user receives when they use your product.

• Create feature drip where you showcase the various features of your product. Even a demo on how to use them would give great impact.

• Create study drip where you can show various case studies on how your product helped others grow and achieve their goals. You can tell them the tactics you used to improve their success rate.

• Create trust drip where you earn the trust and confidence of your users by showing them the testimonials and reviews shared by others who gained success using your tool.

Promotional Web Push Notification Campaign

This one of the most used campaigns by most of the industries where they create a branding for themselves by promoting their products and services. You can send it to all your users without any segmentation as it will have something a new, as well as the old user, will like.

You can create Promotional Web Push Notification campaigns for the below listed:

• New product or service launch

• Upcoming sale event

• Newly accomplished milestone

Transactional Web Push Notification Campaign

You can opt this after a user performs a transaction on your website that includes a user visiting your site or later subscribing you. Create campaigns depending on the type of transaction done. You can create a transactional campaign for the below actions:

• For a new subscription

• On purchase completion

• For tracking the details post purchase

• Intimation post delivery of the product

Alert Web Push Notification Campaign

Alert web Push Notification Campaign is nothing but alerting the users to perform an action. You can alert users to the following:

• Stock Notifications

• Price Drop Alert

• Abandoned Cart Alert

• New Product Alert

• Sale End Alert

These are the must-try practices in Web Push Notifications in 2018. Follow them depending on the type of your industry and you are sure to reach your goals.