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How augmented reality is going to change the future of marketing

Augmented Reality

How augmented reality is going to change the future of marketing

Monday April 30, 2018,

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Augmented Reality is considered as an innovative and creative way to connect with the audience and enable them to feel and interact the third dimension of the reality. Advertising agencies and service or product companies are looking forward to using the immense potential of Augmented Reality in their campaigns. Augmented Reality allows the creation of a three-dimensional thinking which enables users not only see ads but they can interact with the same as it is in the real life. 


 Augmented Reality has endless possibilities to showcase your product or service in a way where the users will have real-time interactions and they can decisions on the spot. Think how it is going to change the current scenario of dead advertisement with just impressions to a higher rate of conversions. Interactive 3D models, audio, video, and augmented text can work well to capture the attention of any consumer. 

E-commerce feature could be the best way to provide purchase options with the medium of your marketing or advertisement. Print, online or even in a random plane would make you surprised with an interactive augmented view of your favorite products.

Why will 3 Dimensional thinking be an effective medium to increase conversions?

Current display network ads are shown only in the 2-dimensional interface, whether it is in the case of digital or print media. Augmented reality opens the gateway of unlimited possibilities in the three dimension. It will definitely influence the consumers when they will get an opportunity to see the 3-dimensional view of a product with the interactive features like touch, rotate, and scale as it is in the real world. The limitations of current advertisement will be resolved with the real world interactions with the medium in front of them, it can be a newspaper, magazine, flyer or a marketing booklet.

Why will old school of marketing techniques be no more effective with smarter consumers?

We’re living in the age of rapid change in every segment, especially in technology and that is the primary factor which is influencing people to make decisions at all levels. Multiplicity is one of the trending consumer behavior of this time. There is a higher level of increase in expectation of doing things that involve interacting with all our senses, offers us a range of touch points to play with, and involves us entirely in new experiences. 

Hyper-efficiency is the next trending behavior which drives people to do everything faster, smarter and supercharged forms. They love places or platforms which can provide everything they want with a single click or touch. New Technology Revolutions is the big thing which is influencing people’s daily life to a larger extent. Science and Technology is no more a closed room for anyone, it is available everywhere and that is transforming people from so-called consumers to creators. 

People have every source of knowledge and tools of development in front of them, so in a short span of the time everyone around us will be manufacturers and they will create what they want at any time. Escapism is the latest trend in the global consumerism, people are tired of getting tied with responsibilities.  Personalization is another trend which has been taken out of the hands and tastes of consumers. 

“Augmented Reality”, the game changer!

All these trends say one thing, smarter consumers need interactive smarter platforms where they will get products based on their personal choices, advertisements based on consumer’s behavior and multi-sensory interaction possibilities. Here is Augmented Reality will be a game changer for the next generation consumerism.