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Women safety.

Being a rider I think I can bring a change

Wednesday January 11, 2017,

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I have just been sponsored by Motul for doing rides on Educate girl child which I will be doing with my group from FEB. So the other day I just learned about a Bengaluru girl being molested and that created a sense of anger in me. Why did it happen? Why can't a girl go safely home? Why we guys are making them afraid to go out? With so many questions in my mind, I thought why not I take the responsibility of making sure women in my city are reaching home safe.

So, I am yet to start a community on facebook where any women who feels unsafe at night travelling home can directly contact me and I will be there to assist her home and make sure of her safety.

I don't know how am I going to do it but surely I will do my part to make sure they reach home safe.

I also have a youtube channel which will also share my videos of dropping them home and their testimonials maybe thats how I will be able to successfully get this thing done and create more awareness about my service to women feeling unsafe at night.

Do let me know your thought on this.

Link to my youtube channel is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxoeUeHe8QhPrJpFhfzcPuA