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How to manage your environment for first-class results

Your environment is what you would be shaped into. Experts say that everything we are today, our personality, ambition, and lifestyle is a result of our psychological environment.

How to manage your environment for first-class results

Tuesday March 13, 2018,

5 min Read

This environment consists of countless triggers that would influence, provoke thoughts consciously or subconsciously. 

This environment consists of countless triggers that would influence, provoke thoughts consciously or subconsciously. 

The most complex machine on the planet right now is the human mind. It is what it is fed just like our body is what we fed over a period. Unlike the body food which is available in any kitchen or restaurant, the environment around us is the food for the mind. 

This environment consists of countless triggers that would influence, provoke thoughts consciously or subconsciously.  

If you notice well, most of our habits are picked up from other people around us. Everything around us influence in shaping and making us think the way we do. The size of our thoughts, goals, attitudes and the very personality are formed by the environment around us. A prolonged association with negative thinkers makes us think negatively, on the other hand, being with people with bright ideas raises the level of our thinking.

Just like how our body turns into good shape with proper care and good feed, our mind also can be reconditioned for success. Feeling that your ambition or goal is far beyond your reach is the number one obstacle on the path to high-level success.

Following are few simple steps that would help you in making your environment first class.

1. Find people with accomplishments 

The majority of people around you are convinced deep down inside that they do not have what it takes to achieve their accomplishments, in their minds, people who accomplish are fortunate and lucky. These people can be spotted easily by the way they rationalize their status. There is a good chance that a deep association with these people would turn you into aimless and it will someday hit you in the face.

 You have to spot the people who are with a 'Never Surrender' attitude. These are the happiest people with accomplishments, they live and breath success. These are undoubtedly top sales-men, top executives, top leaders in their respective fields. 

People who tell you 'it cannot be done' always are almost unsuccessful people, opinions of these people can be poison.Defend yourself against the influence of such people.

You are judged by the company you keep, like a famous quote "Birds of a feather do flock together" The size of our thinking is directly influenced by our group around. Make sure that you are in a flock that thinks right. Do not let negative thinkers pull you down to their level. Cling to people who progressively. Move upward with them. This can be done by just simply thinking right!

2. Getting advice

Always be cautious about your source of advice. Make it a rule to seek advice from people who know. Successful people are more humble and mostly ready to help. Most of the times these successful people can be seen hanging out in groups where their work would be valued a lot or in recent times many are directly helping with bits of advice online on platforms like Scaleupbox.

You need to go first-class when you have questions. Seeking advice from a failure is like consulting a quack on how to cure cancer.

3. Keep hanging out in new groups

 In order to understand different types of people, you need to meet and interact with as many people as possible. Restricting yourself to a small group of people gets you into boredom and dissatisfaction. Keep enlarging your social orbit by making new friends, joining new groups or organizations. 

Meeting a variety of people and studying them is a great mind food.

4. Have friends who think differently  

This is a modern age where a narrow-minded individual would not have much future. Meet and get to know people from different walks of life, different faiths and religions. For example, if you support a political party that is ruling the nation, have friends who support the opposition. But make sure these friends have real potential.

5. Be with people who think above petty things

Petty thinkers are people who worry too much about small things in life appliances they don't have, silly gossips about a pop star. Always stay with people who are positive thinkers and who want to see you really succeed. 

Petty thinkers encourage you to think petty rather than fuelling your big sized thoughts.

6. Avoid thought poisoning

Thought-poison is commonly called "Gossip" and is subtle. It dilutes the size of our thinking and ending up concentrating on petty and unimportant things. It usually distorts the facts causing twists in our thinking about other people Gossip is just a negative conversation about people which gives the victim a thought-poison joy.

Go First Class: this is an excellent rule you follow in everything you do

People rate you for quality, often subconsciously perhaps. Develop an instinct for quality. It pays. And costs no more, often costs less, than second class.

These thoughts and ideas are extracted from famous books like The Magic Of Thinking Big and presented here to help fellow entrepreneurs grow the size of thoughts. So, all credit goes to respective book authors.