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How to write a health blog when you have no qualifications

How to write a health blog when you have no qualifications

Friday May 04, 2018,

4 min Read

Healthy Blog by<br>

Healthy Blog by

You may have heard the saying that ‘you shouldn’t write or talk about something you are not qualified to write or talk about.’ However, there are thousands of writers out there who write great articles on topics on which they have no qualifications. Personally, I have never been to a health or nutrition class yet here I am. So how does one become a successful health blogger when they have no qualifications? Here are some tips.

Use your personal experience

Although scientific research is the best source of information, sharing your own experience with a particular situation or product gives a lot of significant insight. For instance, you can write about what foods to eat or not eat when suffering a specific health condition based on your experience with them. You do not need to be an expert for you to write on something that you know. Tell your story. Maybe you are healing from a particular condition; you can write about your journey and give tips on what you are doing to recover. Make it such that people can relate to your story.

Be unique

Know your audience. Know what is trending in the health circles. Know what people want to learn more about. Talk about relevant issues as well as those that people are uncomfortable to talk about. It’s easier for the audience to interact with an online blogger about problems they are embarrassed to talk about than face-to-face with a physician. For the blog to be successful, it can’t always be all about you. You have to devise ways of helping people through your work. Do your best to provide your audience with the solutions to their problems.

Do your research

Blogging is easy. Anyone can do it. However, in writing about health, a lot of care is needed when making claims about something. Do not make outrageous claims. Do not claim that a particular product can cure cancer or some other terminal disease overnight. Research a lot before making any claims. Never stop studying and learning more. Back your claims with evidence that the information is correct. A health blogger has a lot of responsibility to the readers. The content you write has a significant effect on the health choices your readers make. When writing, only add links to trustworthy sources such as research-based websites with data that is credible.

Lead a healthy way of life

The best person to give advice on a particular topic is someone who actually practices what they write about. So if you want to be an exceptional health blogger lead a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, do yoga and exercise regularly and most importantly drink lots of water. You will be in a better position to write a blog on keeping fit and eating healthy when you actually live the same lifestyle you are advertising.

Use social media

People all over the world use this avenue every day. You can never go too many hours without logging into your Facebook account. However, social media is not only for chatting and posting pictures; it also has many other uses. Writing about health is not enough; you need people to visit your blog. Social media is an excellent platform for traffic generation. Be active on social media to get a significant number of followers. The aim of getting a big social media following is to generate more traffic to your website. Market your health blog on your various social media platforms. All industries are intensely competitive online today. Use the social media platforms to build your brand. It is a great platform to interact with your website visitors and customers.


Although it may be easier for a qualified professional to write health blogs, you do not need to be qualified to write. Anyone can be a great writer on anything when they know it. Using the above tips will help you understand how to write a health blog when you have no qualifications.