Fantastic 4: Collection of Best JavaScript Frameworks for Businesses in 2019

Best Javascript Frameworks

6th Mar 2019
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javascript framework

The dynamism of the web development market demands for the right choice of framework. But the question arises is that which newest JavaScript frameworks are the right choice for your next enterprise-grade application.

Keeping this fact into account, we have provided you with a list of the best JavaScript frameworks 2019 in this article. Although we have given you the latest JavaScript frameworks, you must consult the best web app development company for further support.

But, what are the key criteria for choosing the right JavaScript framework to build your business web app?

That’s a question that comes up a lot nowadays in front of business startups & software development agencies. When it comes to frontend JavaScript frameworks, one should consider the following aspects - project requirements, browser support, framework performance aspects, and extensibility of the framework.

Apart from that, every web developer must keep track of any new JavaScript frameworks to stay updated and talented enough to secure own place in this competitive world.

Best JavaScript Frameworks for Businesses

So, if you have a startup or a small business, Here we’ve given the most popular and trending JS frameworks of 2019 to choose from.

Before we move forward with the details, take a look at the latest Google trend for getting the idea of the best front end JavaScript frameworks of 2019. 

According to the latest stats, investing in Node.JS will help brings huge competitive advantages and great results for your business. Currently, there are four clear leaders to choose from the JS frameworks. The technologies such as Node.JS, Angular.JS, React.JS, and Vue.JS have survived severe competition and occupied the largest share of the market space.

Best Javascript Framework

Let’s take a look at the top 4 JavaScript Frameworks to use in 2019.

1) Why Node.JS is so popular?

Node.JS is an open-source framework built on Google Chrome’s Javascript Engine and is best to create server-side and networking applications. It is also used for creating APIs and back-end services. Here are some more qualities of Node.JS that makes it a well-suited choice for business purpose: 

Key features to look in 2019:

  • Streamline data from different sources.
  • It can be used to create the proxy in servers.
  • Have the monitoring & system dashboard for application and system.
  • Have a single-threaded model with event looping.
  • Require no data buffering.
  • Contains NPM package for all files required for a module.
  • Fast speed because of Google’s V8 Engine.

Additionally, the best benefit of Node-based applications is they can work on any operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows which makes it perfect for real-time, collaborative, and editing-type applications.

There are top-level enterprise firms & agencies that are already using the power of Node.js for the development of apps. PayPal, Netflix, and GoDaddy are just a few names to mention here.

2) How Angular.JS is the progressive JavaScript framework for businesses?

AngularJS is a powerful open-source structural framework for creating dynamic web apps, and it is considered one of the best JavaScript frameworks among developers worldwide. The framework supports the combination of functionalities such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Angular 7 is the latest version of the framework that includes the following features:

  • The new version of Angular.JS support content projection on different slots.
  • Support adding or removing the reflect metadata polyfill.
  • The Angular 7 CLI help users make decisions with the CLI Prompts capability.
  • The framework uses the default bundle budgets so that the users will get warned if the app exceeds 2MB.

Key Benefits of Angular 7

  • Allow developers to use HTML templates.
  • Support two-way data binding that help saves developers from writing extensive code.
  • Automatically sync data between view components and model.
  • Framework support built-in dependency injection that helps in the development and testing process.
  • Easy to configure with MVC and MVW architecture.
  • Easy to understand and error-free coding.

AngularJS framework was originally built for developers and support building user-interfaces and wiring software components together. It also supports NativeScript technology for developing native apps.

Sharing here the names of the web-based apps using Angular.JS framework - Lego, iStock Photo, and The Guardian. 

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3) How React.JS technology outshines the other?

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for developing single page business apps. ReactJS is considered as a much sought after JS framework for building user-friendly and compelling apps. Developers can also use this framework to build high-performing enterprise applications that can work & update data without reloading the page. To name a few Facebook and Instagram are ReactJS empowered frameworks.

  • The ReactJS framework provides a reusable component-based structure to app developers.
  • Support data binding with one-way flux controls.
  • It’s easy to maintain React-based apps because of its modular structure.
  • Support fast render with virtual DOM.
  • Front-end development with fast & efficient performance.

ReactJS is mainly used to build the V (View) in the MVC model and features a unique architecture with limited guidance.

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4) Vue.JS for building lightweight business apps

This framework uses the lightweight and progressive JavaScript library with the advanced Virtual DOM functionality. Vue.JS is the most commonly used framework to develop business apps. Developers can use Vue.JS on single file components and HTML-based templates. Vue.JS is an excellent framework to build easy and fast applications with interactive web interfaces.

Key Features of Vue.JS

  • HTML templates
  • Data binding
  • Cross-platform solutions that work efficiently
  • Easy and quick to use as compared to other JavaScript frameworks
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to integrate with other technologies
  • Advanced & robust reactivity system
  • Advanced components with reusable code

Using Vue platform, businesses can also create advanced single page web apps. The technology works automatically during rendering and informs the system about the components that need re-rendering during state changes.

A number of benefits are in support of choosing VueJS for web app development, here a few examples - Phone Harbor, Teleo, and Habitica.


Whichever conclusion you reach, you must admit that new frontend JavaScript frameworks we have covered are the best choice for your next app development project. The world of software development is constantly evolving, and there are likely to be new changes in the framework for this date next year. If you are dealing with the real-time web app development or have any question related to the latest JS frameworks, then contacting to the right software development company is the best solution to your business needs.

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