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Carpooling with a twist

HOP is the first platform that matches car owners with amateur white collar drivers working in respectable companies looking to drive to the same destination 

Friday July 29, 2016,

2 min Read

Bangalore based HOP launched a mobile app (https://goo.gl/4m06c1) that enables car owners and ordinary drivers like you and me to meet each other. A user can say if he is a car owner or a driver at the click at of a button. Both parties put in this destination and select the route. Based on the start and end points HOP matches the two. 

Car pooling has often been thought of as the holy grail to reducing congestion on the roads. However, I myself being a car owner have never offered a ride to someone i didn't know due to the inconveniences involved. Car owners own a car for convenience and not to make money off it. However, it struck me one day when i was stuck in a traffic jam that i wished i could have a driver. Turns out many of my friends thought the same. With this, HOP was born.

HOP seamlessly matches the 2 parties. Both parties can then call each other and coordinate the ride. The app provides privacy as users can surf in invisible mode so they are not visible to others. They can however contact others who are visible. This is especially useful for women. 

Linkedin profiles of users are required to ensure authenticity of car owners and drivers. Each one can see the others photo, name and designation.

HOP also allows users to check the other persons start and end points before calling them. In case a user has multiple choices, he or she can decide the best choice beforehand. 

With IT companies rolling back bus transport services and cabs becoming increasingly unreliable during rush hour, we expect IT company employees to lap up this offering. Its beneficial for the car owner as he or she is relieved of the stress of driving and its great for the driver as he or she does not have to rely on public transportation or expensive cabs.

This service is available to users for free for a limited period of time.