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Setting up an empire popularly known as 'Marwadi', Ketan Marwadi speaks about his journey

We talk about entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders, immaculate person who dominate the industries, businesses and the so-called-startups of today. 

Wednesday September 14, 2016,

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We have forgotten the born-leaders who reached their destination fulfilling every mandatory cognitive factors and troublesome abstracts of journey. I feel proud of being the student of his honorary college ‘Marwadi Education Foundation Group of Institutes’ aka MEFGI. Yes, we are talking about the Managing Director at Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd (MSFL), Founder and Chairman of Marwadi Education Foundation.

Right from the stocking marketing company to setting up an educational foundation which is one of the renowned in Gujarat, Ketan Marwadi along with his two brothers(DEVEN HARKISHAN MARWADI & SANDIP HARKISHAN MARWADI) have set the par for the world that nothing in this world is not improbable and everything is achievable and workable.

Already featured in many magazines and newspapers, Mr.Ketan has been kind and humble in setting up an interview with me. I have asked him many questions and the answers are breathtakingly fascinating. From the turks and turfs to the fluctuations and wavering in the locomotion, he has survived and sustained every thunderstorms of society, market, business and professional barriers. He is not only an entrepreneur of current generation but also the role-model of thousands. Let’s begin the QA session.

Being an alumnus, I feel prestigious and dignified being the part of ‘Marwadi’ family. Ketan Marwadi is supportive and facilitative to any students who wish to showcase the in-built talent in any creative field. He helped me in launching and inauguration of my book ‘The Weak Point Dealer’. He is straightforward and acute in his strategies; he is indeed an icon to every millennial today.

Tell us about about Marwadi Shares and Finance

MSFL is a public company registered on 01/05/1992. The company has an authorized capital of 25,00,00,000 INR and paid-up capital of 13,81,12,940 INR. Marwadi is a Gujarat based financial service group dealing in equities / commodities / currencies broking and portfolio management services. In the last 23 years we have grown into a network of more than 90 branches with a 700+ committed human assets and 1450+ sub-brokers across India.

We've kept the faith of over 3.05 +lakhs investors and it's growing. After establishing supremacy in Gujarat, we are now expanding nationwide and to fuel our growth plans we have raised capital from UK-based investment companies

What is so special about MEFGI?

Founded in 2009, MEFGI has progressed a lot in just the gap of seven years. According to GTU, we are number 1 college in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. For the brightest future of students, we call the reputed companies to recruit. Just Dial, Hitachi, Essar, AMW, L&T Infotech, HCL, Hexaware, ShriRam Capital,etc. –to name a few from the list. The Library of MEFGI is in accord with the latest technology and the efforts we have put in to foster the growth of the students is something special, according to me which only few colleges have facilitated.

There is a speculation in the media that a book ‘Marwadi Brothers’ will be launched. Is it true?

Yes, it is true. I have been planning to do it as soon as possible. I am in the brainstorming session where I am trying to figure out the exact array of how the book will be weaved. Also, I am smart-searching the multi-talented author who can express the emotional, social, psychological and physical aspects of the real story behind the foundation of ‘Marwadi Group’ in an immaculate manner. Do you have anyone in mind?

According to you, what are the essential attributes any startup enthusiast should have?

The in-depth knowledge of the market he/she is going to jump in. I mean, if I want to open the restaurant in Rajkot, I should have my facts and figures ready of who are eating what, when and why. That is, according to me, the essential attribute any leader ought to have.

You believe in investing a lot in ‘Research’ field, as MEFGI is renowned for its laboratory. Why is it so?

Gone are the days when you learn the theory and imagine what will this look like? We have technology at its vast paced-mode. I believe in making the students ‘FEEL’ what they learn. They learn about ‘Engine’; show them the engine, they are learning about ‘Entrepreneur’; make them experience the real-life-talks with the Real-Life-Entrepreneurs.

Does it bother sometimes to be the pioneer of ‘Educational’ and ‘Financial’ sector altogether?

Considering, the stress point of view- Yes; but knowing that you are at a stage where it’s been almost 24 years now that you took to dominate the market, that stress is mitigated. Because, both are totally different sectors and you don’t want to commingle the strategies involved in the respective sphere. Overall, I feel blessed and honored to see my group at a pinnacle.

What are your views about today’s full-fledged fashioned startup trends?

It is interesting as 1 out of 3 individuals’ wishes to set up his/her own firm. That is fallacious. Working for skilled Client Company, doing job in good organization, serving for the government institutes, involved in educational institutes, etc. are the best to learn and get yourself proficient in something you want to do in future. Startup is good; primarily, detailed cognition is a requisite.

What are your advice to the first-generation entrepreneurs?

“Have Patience”. First Generation Entrepreneurs want to touch the finish line abruptly; it isn’t feasible. It takes time to launch, execute it full-feathered, promote it domestic or global, and then get something out of it. They should have temperament to wait qualitatively and quantitatively. PS- Persistence is must; patience comes as a partner.

What are you vision and mission?

Vision- Nature & Wisdom are Never at Strife; Nature is Supreme - Learn from nature.

Mission- To offer world-class cross disciplinary education in strategic sectors of economy through well devised and synchronized delivery structure and system, designed to tickle the creative intelligence and enhance the productivity of individuals.

Well, this is one heaven of the QA session where we get the insights of the very-innovative entrepreneur Ketan Marwadi. you