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How Smartphones Reign Every Aspect of Life Today

Here is a list of different technologies and special gadgets that were indispensable for performing various tasks a few years ago from now. Have a look at them and see how this beautiful piece of technology – ‘the mobile’ has replaced them.

Saturday August 20, 2016,

4 min Read

The smartphone has definitely replaced many bunches of gadgets you could have carried. But have you ever imagined how our lives would be without a smartphone? We have alternatives for almost everything these days, as far as a smartphone is concerned, there is hardly a replacement yet. 

Can you recall the moment when you used to capture photographs using a standalone point-and-shoot camera! Those were mostly meant for special occasions, right? And now, your smartphone does all these in seconds making every moment a special one for you.

Here is a list of different technologies and special gadgets that were indispensable for performing various tasks a few years ago from now. Have a look at them and see how this beautiful piece of technology – ‘the mobile’ has replaced them.


Do you remember the last time you wake up in the morning and checked the time using a watch? Almost all of us have now replaced the watch with a smartphone. There are still people who prefer watches. A branded watch would cost something around Rs. 2000 in retail store. But instead of buying an accurate, good quality and attractive watch, many opt for budget freindly smartphone.

Fax Machine

The Fax machine was the gadget that existed in between the time of telegram and text messages. Finding a standalone fax machine in stores can be a headache. Many multi-function printer supported fax which costs around Rs. 8000. Smartphone users are so addicted to chat apps that our usual messages include gifs or animated emojis. Not to mention that fax doesn’t have an emoji options. Today the corporate businesses that used to use fax have already switched to emailing which is a very flexible option on smartphone.

Feature Phone

It’s quite obvious that if you were not using smartphone, then might be using a feature phone just like the one you’ve used years ago. Gone are the days when phone was just a device to call someone. If the calling is the primary use of any phone, then Nokia might have still the world’s biggest mobile manufacturing company. Currently a feature phone cost around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000.

GPS Devices

Satellite-assisted navigation systems are still prevalent that provide GPS services. A typical positioning device will cost around Rs. 8000. So, it’s a personal choice whether to buy a dedicated navigation device or simply use smartphone’s GPS. However, make sure you have voice navigation enabled while driving as using smartphone while driving is an offence. But there is a set of limitations for GPS Devices, as it does not support real-time traffic information and updating the map data can be a tricky.

Voice recorders

You really don’t need a voice recorder unless you are detective or a journalist. The voice recorders are still available in market with starting price of Rs. 800. Having a dedicated voice recorder can be useful to assure recording against interruptions like low battery or getting call while recording something. But for ideal smartphone user, voice recording is not a regular task.


Clicking selfies have become the new fad. Although for hard-core photographers DSLR cameras are a necessity, selfie smartphones today can let you capture images like a pro, without worrying about the technicalities of photography. You can still buy a point-and-shoot camera for around Rs. 8000.

PCs and Laptops

The life before the smartphone was obsessed by PCs and laptops. Many flagship mobiles are been offered with large screen size which is allowing users to perform the things which previously ruled by desktops and laptops. Listening music, playing videos, movies, gaming or any basic function of desktops and laptops have been replaced by our smartphone. A basic laptop or desktop will cost around Rs. 20,000.