Most important and scoring topics in JEE advanced mathematics

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    8th Aug 2017
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    Mathematics remains to be a mystery for a lot of JEE Advanced aspirants. Over the years, it has been considered to be the most challenging subject. Here we discuss the different branches of IIT JEE Mathematics and how much importance they carry.

    1) Algebra: The topics in this branch of Mathematics are:

    a) Complex Numbers

    b) Theory of Equations

    c) Sequence and Series

    d) Permutations and Combinations

    e) Binomial Theorem

    f) Probability

    g) Matrices and Determinants

    h) Functions and Relations

    i) Trigonometry

    A straightforward and high scoring branch, Algebra related questions are generally easy. The only thing one needs to hang around is the amount of practice. This is a high scoring topic and generally gives a boost to the final mathematics result.

    2) Calculus: The topics in this branch of Mathematics are:


    Continuity and Differentiability

    Differential Calculus

    Application of Derivatives

    Indefinite Integration

    Definite Integration

    Area under a Curve

    Differential Equations

    A lengthy topic, Calculus challenges problem solving techniques of a JEE aspirant. This topic carries a lot of weightage. Generally, moderate-level questions are asked from this topic.

    3) Co-Ordinate Geometry: The topics in this branch of Mathematics are:


    Straight Lines

    Properties of triangle






    3D Geometry

    One of the most important topics of Mathematics, Co-ordinate geometry challenges a student’s ability to interpret, solve and apply concepts. A lengthy, conceptual and a bit difficult topic, one can master this branch only by a lot of day-to-day topic. Never skip this or you can face a lot of difficulties in attaining a respectable rank.

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