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Top 10 Best Astrologer In Chennai

There are Astrologers in Chennai celebrated for their highly accurate predictions and guidance, that have given fruitful results and helped individuals immensely through their readings. Meet Chennai's top 10!

Top 10 Best Astrologer In Chennai

Wednesday April 29, 2020,

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Astrology is the study of celestial bodies, the planets and the stars, and their positions in co-relation to events on earth. Astrology charts the position of the sun, moon, planets, and other stars at the time of an individual's birth that shapes their personality and other events in their life. The Indian or Hindu Astrological system originates from ancient India, called Vedic astrology, recorded by sages. Vedic Astrology is called Jyotish (the science of light).

Sometimes in life, we feel we are walking into a void, so deep, there is no point of return. We all undergo certain phases when we are in desperate need of advice or a solution to our problems. Most often, we cannot turn to even our near and dear ones during such dismal times. Although it may sound far-fetched even to people not much associated with Astrology, this is one place people can visit when they are in the utmost need of that solace, for some excellent advice and a way to mitigate bad times. Many Astrologers have mastered various branches of Indian Astrology.

There are Best Astrologer in Chennai celebrated for their highly accurate predictions and guidance, that have given fruitful results and helped individuals immensely through their readings.

Meet Chennai's top 10!

Best Astrologer In Chennai

1. Shri Senthil (Astro) Kumaran R.

One of the top Astrologers in Vedic Astrology, Astro Kumaran, is a distinguished Astrologer. He was awarded the prestigious title of Jothida Thilagam from Univercell Research Academy, Chennai, in the field for Astrology for his amazing knowledge and accurate predictions. Practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 15 years, Astro Kumaran has extensive expertise in the subject and bases his predictions and remedies after an in-depth analysis of planetary positions. His area of specialization includes issues related to marriage, relationships, business, career, health, financial, emigration, and other subjects. Fluent in English and Tamil, he has thousands of satisfied customers to his credit in India and overseas. Astro Kumaran is one of the foremost Astrologers in India. Based in Chennai, he is fluent in English and Tamil.

2.Shri Narasimha Shastry

Narasimha Shastry is one of the foremost Astrologers with a passion for Astrology. He has a bachelor's degree in Commerce and finally went on to follow his heart and completed his post-graduation in Astrology. He started learning about Astrology since 2001. He started his career in Administration, but after five years, he decided to pursue a career in Astrology. A renowned Astrologer, he has expertise in Vedic Astrology and specialized in Vaastu Shastra. He lives in Hyderabad.

3.Shri Senthil Nathan M.

This distinguished Astrologer is a resident of Chennai. Astrology runs in the family, and his great grandfather was a renowned Astrologer. A young Senthil Nathan was extremely curious and had a great leaning towards Vedic Astrology.

Senthil Nathan went on to complete his M.C.A., M. Phil, MA (Astrology), and Advanced Diploma in Astrology. He started learning astrology from 2005. Passionate in his pursuit, Astrology became his full-time profession, and he has been practicing for the past nine years.

Senthil Nathan's core strength lies in Vedic Astrology, Ashtamangala Prasna Astrology, Bhrigu Nandi Nadi Astrology, Stellar Astrology (K.P. and K.B.), and Tarot Card Reading. This distinguished Astrologer is also well-versed in numerous Astrological methods that include Ashtakavarga, Samhita, Prasnam, Thamboola Prasnam, Tajika, Vastu, Muhurta, Shadbala and Western Astrology. He also offers astrological advice on general issues and marriage relationships.

Senthil Nathan has been practicing Tarot Card Reading and Betel Leaf Predictions since2014. A Guest Lecturer in Astrology at the Annamalai University, Senthil Nathan has trained several students in Astrology. He has graced several television shows and debates on television based on Astrology that highlighted his skills in the subject. He is a Consultant Astrologer at India's foremost online Astrology Center, AstroVed.com. Senthil Nathan has a great passion for Astrology. He has widespread knowledge in several branches of the subject, and an amazing ability to make accurate predictions. His sharp intuition and precise guidance place Senthil Nathan M., as one among the most distinguished Astrologers in astrological circles. He is a resident of Chennai, India, and is fluent in Tamil and English.

4. Shri Jayam Janardhanan

Among one of the leading Astrologers in Chennai, Shri Jayam Janardhanan ranks one among the best. Janardhanan found his passion for Astrology at the young age of 15. His eagerness to learn all about the subject led him to take on a professional course in Astrology. He joined a reputed organization and received the title of Jothida Rathna. His thirst for gaining more knowledge on the subject remained unsatiable. Janardhanan met several experts on Astrology and gained much knowledge from them.

Janardhanan's main Guru Shri Shiva Shankaran, a professor at Annamalai University, taught him the finer nuances in Astro-Numerology, KP Astrology, and Numerology. Janardhanan's main strength lies in Vedic Astrology, K P Horary, and Numerology. He is also very proficient in Gemology, Vaastu Shastra, and Astro Numerology. Janardhanana has done his bachelor's degree in Administration and worked for over 16 years in the Marketing division. He has seven years of experience in Astrology. He is a Consultant Astrologer at India's foremost online Astrology Center, AstroVed.com. 

Janardhanan's sharp intuitive mind does accurate readings and enables him to help those in distress. He has a keen sense of understanding of relationship issues that include marital relationships. He finds suitable solutions for all problems through his expert knowledge and guidance. Janardhanan's ability to gain in-depth knowledge about an individual's favorable deity and help initiate their fortunes and the Vedic remedies he prescribes to attain wealth has made him a renowned name in astrological circles.

5.Shri Subramanian Satyamurthy

A renowned Astrologer with over twenty years of experience in this field, Shri Subramanian Satyamurthy developed an early interest in the subject. His passion grew further as he learned immensely from his grandfather and read many books to enhance his knowledge of Astrology.

The famous Astrologer has a degree in Chemistry from Madras University and went in to obtain a post-graduation diploma in Business Administration from Annamalai University. He spent thirty- seven years in the financial sector and worked extensively in India and abroad. He has a firm belief in destiny and that the planets have a direct effect on human lives. This renowned Astrologer gives amazing predictions based on birth, time, and place of birth. Shri Subramanian Satyamurthy opines that karma from the past life is responsible for planetary positions in current birth, which shapes his/ her life. He offers effective remedies like mantras, pooja, and homams to generate good results.

The famous Astrologer practices Vedic Astrology and gives solutions to issues related to marriage, love and relationship, career, foreign travel, wealth, business, education, and settlement. He is associated with Astrotalk and Astroyogi. He has clients across the world, seeking solutions to their problems. Shri Subramanian Satyamurthy is fluent in English and Tamil. He resides in Chennai.

6.Smt. Vijaya Mahadevan

Armed with a master's degree in Astrology, Smt. Vijaya Mahadevan has immense knowledge of Astrology. She has been practicing Vedic Astrology for over seven years and has guided clients with her accurate readings and predictions on issues related to health, relationship, education, career, and finance. She has immense knowledge and belief in ancient divine science and techniques. You can consult her on any issue, be it family life, love and relationship, health, matchmaking, children, education, financial matters, business partners, and Prasna. Her expertise lies in Prasna, matchmaking, and predictions. She resides in Chennai and is fluent in English, Tamil, and Sinhalese (Sri Lankan).

7.Ms. Indumathi Krishnamurthi

An Astrologer much respected in her field of Traditional Astrology, Ms. Indumathi Krishnamurthi was keen on learning all about Astrology early in life. She learned the basics of Astrology from her father. She has immense knowledge of the planetary movements and positions and applies them in co-relation to a native's birth chart. She analyzes based on the impact of other planets too on zodiac signs.

This reputed Astrologer uses a mix of traditional principles of Astrology and combines them with modern scientific techniques to offer accurate predictions for horoscopes and effective remedies. She has provided her expert guidance to people both in India and abroad on issues related to their health, education, career, finance, business, relationship, marriage, children, matchmaking to her numerous clients worldwide. Ms. Krishnamurthi has fifteen years of experience in the field of Traditional Astrology. This renowned Astrologer has created her niche. She resides in Chennai and is fluent in Tamil.

8.Sri Kumar D.

A highly distinguished Astrologer, Shri Kumar is a post-graduate in the disciplines of Astrology, Public Administration, Psychology, Counselling, and Psychotherapy. An avid academician, he also holds post-graduate diplomas in Human Resources Development, Guidance, and Counseling. Shri Kumar also obtained his B.A.L. degree by graduating in Academic Laws.

Shri Kumar was influenced at an early age as he comes from a distinguished family of Astrologers. His grandfather was a prominent and respected personality who engaged in honorary astrological services in Tiruchirapalli. His mother was a practicing Astrologer who also provided honorary services.

Shri Kumar served for several years in the Government of Tamil Nadu and went on to occupy the post of a Human Resources Manager in a Public Limited Company. His leanings towards Astrology was so strong that he decided to start anew. He made Astrology his full-time profession.

Shri Kumar has trained in the Parasara System of Astrology and holds a diploma and post-graduation in that field. A master of the K P System also, he currently practices the Vedic and K P Astrology. This renowned Astrologer bases his counseling based on psychological principles. He provides career counseling based on the strength of the planets. His incredible knowledge and understanding have led to accurate readings and predictions that have immensely helped his clients. Always one to reach out to others, he has turned around the lives of people struggling to achieve success and wellbeing.

Shri Kumar is a gifted classical musician and is contemplating using music as a therapy based on Astrology. His expertise lies in Muhurtha Astrology. His approach is simple, and he offers effective home remedies like mantras and simple poojas. With twelve years of experience in Vedic Astrology, Shri Kumar resides in Chennai. He is fluent in English and Tamil.

9.Shri Hariharan H.M.

This esteemed Astrologer comes from a background where his forefathers were court Astrologers in the royal court of Travancore dating back to three generations. Holding a master's degree in Economics at the Madras University, his focus was on Astrology, for which he held a deep fascination.

With his father for his spiritual Guru, Shri Hariharan became fascinated with the study of Astrology and enhanced his skills in Vedic Astrology. He has good intuition, and this blessing has helped him pursue his profession. A student of Shri K, Subramanian, he learned K P Astrology from him. Shri Subramanian is the son of the late Professor K.S. Krishnamurthi, the founder of K P Astrology. He offers accurate readings and predictions with effective remedies to his clients. He has worked as a full-time Astrologer at Astroved.com, India's foremost Online Astrology Center in 2018.

Shri Hariharan's expertise lies in Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Marriage Relationship, Prasanna, Predictions, and Gemstone Suggestions. With eighteen years of experience behind him, this renowned Astrologer resides in Chennai. He is fluent in English and Tamil.

10. Shri Ramkumar A.V.M.

An engineering graduate, Shri Ramkumar, was often fascinated by how his native village folk would make amazing predictions. His interest took an upward turn after that, and he decided to take up Astrology as his profession. He spent time with learned gurus, who helped him immensely in teaching him the nuances and principles of Astrology. He further enhanced his knowledge by reading several books on Astrology. He also keenly attended new courses on the subject. Such is his knowledge of the subject that he has offered guidance and remedies to help people overcome obstacles in the field of marriage, relationship, health, career, business, and finance. This renowned Astrologer continually upgrades his knowledge and has significant expertise in analyzing horoscopes. His expertise lies in the field of Vedic Astrology, Prashna, K P Astrology, Gemstone Suggestion, and D.N.A. Astrology. He offers predictions for share market issues. His objective is to reach out to as many people as he can and change their lives for the better by using his skills and guidance. Shri Ramkumar resides in Chennai and is fluent in English and Tamil.

Astrology is a study of planetary movements and positions in co-relation with humans and events associated with the earth. Astrologers play an integral role in charting the graphs that tell us about our lives and fortunes. Their immense knowledge, and ability to make accurate predictions and advise remedial solutions to mitigate the issues plaguing our lives, is a guiding force that can help direct our lives in the right path and give us spiritual solace and peace.