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Useful visual content tips

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Useful visual content tips

Friday April 06, 2018,

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Nowadays, classic images can constitute a message worth a thousand words. Images are quick to understand, they make content embrace the primary idea in one perspective. However, choosing images may be difficult.


Google announced their new update in January 2017. As a reform, video content, as well as other visual content, will rank for the SERPs just like the average written content. Thus, using different images at the optimized page will generate a website traffic from the organic search queries. As a result, many companies utilize this technique to make millions of money from their online commercial approaches.

1. Do not use stock images

Stock images are hard to camouflage on any website. Getting high-quality images from a photographer can make your website's UX beat your competitor's design. Furthermore, images with alt tags rank on the SERPs as well, which makes the whole process beneficial for you. Staying away from stock images is important. Stock images do not insist on brand authority hence site loses authenticity. In most cases, their designs and colours do not correspond to the layout of your website. This complexity makes stock images become a loss in the way a website design appears. Creating new images can be a useful method of correcting this problem.

2. Visual content can enhance creativity

As the age of internet continues, visual content continues to progress. Many images become too spread so they should not appear anywhere on your web pages. Your image should not appear on any other website as well. This originality is the element of authenticity which can make a website achieve a particular authoritative existence in a certain niche. Furthermore, creativity can bring different forms of visual content to illustrate different things. For instance, medical scientists have come up with a 3d illustration of the human anatomy

3. Use images which "enhance your story"

One of the best ways of capturing the attention of your audience is to use storytelling techniques. Through this method, you can captivate the attention of your audience and make them engage with your content. This kind of website usage creates incentives to Google making them send you a ranking factor advantage over your competitor's website. 

Storytelling is the primary core of creating emphasis in online content. Furthermore, storytelling creates an element of visual recognition and attraction. Marketers can target some niche by using stories corresponding to that niche way of life. For instance, a bible or gospel website can accompany their compelling images in this section.

Visual content has recently become one of the most efficient ways of getting your ranking high on the SERP pages. Many websites have succeeded through this method on their e-commerce sites. However, including visual content on your website can be a stressful task and many people often fail doing it. Use this guide, provided by Semalt Digital Services to optimize your visual content to make the best out of your internet strategies.