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6 reasons to do a 200 hour yoga teacher training

Explore the roots of yoga, delve deeper and go further in yogic journey, does any of these thoughts hover in your mind?

6 reasons to do a 200 hour yoga teacher training

Monday September 04, 2017,

4 min Read


Explore the roots of yoga, delve deeper and go further in yogic journey, does any of these thoughts hover in your mind? If yes, then give wings to your thoughts with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. It broadens your understanding of yogic science and rewards you with a totally new identity of a professional yoga instructor.

In the present scenario, when yoga is trending all over the globe, there are countless yoga schools and yoga teacher training centers. So, you can become a little perplexed while choosing the ideal yoga teacher training destination.

If you are seeking a pure and authentic knowledge of yoga, then you can opt for the World capital of Yoga- Rishikesh- a town famous for its spiritual and holy environment. Nestled in the primary waves of majestic Himalayas, and touched by the enchanting Ganga on both sides, the quaint town is home to a number of internationally accredited yoga teacher training schools. A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is the best thing you can undertake. Let us see why:

1. Learn from the Best: Popular as Yoga Capital of the world, this hippie town has a little too much to offer in terms of yoga and spirituality. The spirituality and tranquillity in the environment leave no doubt about why most of the greatest yoga masters have emerged from this sacred town. With saints, sages, sadhus all over the place indulging in connecting with their divine self, Rishikesh offers yoga knowledge in the purest form. To find a traditional and qualified yoga teacher who can deliver deep knowledge and authentic understanding of yogic philosophy, you don’t have to make many efforts because you are in the prime hub of well-known yoga teacher training schools. Those looking for a worthy (in terms of both quality and finance) 200-hour hatha yoga teacher training or 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training program, Rishikesh offers plenty of choices. 


2. Ambience perfect for deepening your practice: When you step here for the first time, you get a very different feel- a feel as never before. With a number of temples, ashrams, saints, sages, and devotees all around, the town offers a purely spiritual environment. It is a real haven of peace, natural beauty and spiritual energy.


3. Make Yoga your lifestyle: Far away from the chaos and hustle-bustle of daily life, find the peace, calm, and quiet of life amidst sublime nature. Enrolling into a 200-hour YTTC in Rishikesh is not only about deepening your yogic knowledge and practice. It’s also about living like a yogi for one complete month. Aside from practicing yoga by the side of the captivating Ganga, you can stop by notable temples and ashrams, explore and sit in their soul-stirring and tranquil atmosphere. Gain knowledge from Gurus, sadhus, and saints all over the town. Take a stroll in the lap of nature. Feel the joy of living a yogic lifestyle. 


4. Relish Your Taste Buds with Veg Delicacies: Food is something that can delight your mood anytime and spoil it as well. While attending yoga teacher training, you can give yourself a perfect treat every now and then. From the delicious, ontological food offered at the school to the mouth-watering street food and fancy restaurants and cafes -- wherever you go, freshly prepared food with a finger-licking taste would be served on your table. Whether you are a foodie or not, these delicacies definitely deserve a try.


5. Jaw-dropping Adventure Sports: Yoga, spirituality, religion, if this is all you think about Rishikesh, then you need to do a little homework. This holy city is beyond imagination. If adventure is your thing, then Rishikesh surely knows what an adventure is. This quaint town not just provides peace, calm and joy, it also blows your mind and make you skip heart beats with adrenaline filled activities. Make your day-offs during training -- exciting, fun, and super-thrilled by trying activities like, White river rafting, Bungee jumping, Ziplining, Cliff jumping, Rappelling, Camping, Kayaking, Flying fox, trekking and more.


6. Get the Best in Less: Whether it's about travelling, hygienic and delectable meals, comfortable and luxurious abode or primarily about a premium yoga teacher training, this place is easy on the pocketbook for all your needs and desires. Coming to Rishikesh for a 200-hour teacher training program can save you bucks more than you invested.