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What's in a Name?

the similarities between naming your own child and your startup, a personal experience.

What's in a Name?

Wednesday July 27, 2016,

3 min Read

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.” ~ Shakespeare

While the above lines were poetically said by Shakespeare, they were delivered seamlessly by my husband while proposing to me. Sigh! if only men would stick to what they promise.None of this came into picture when we had to name our two babies in less than a year! Yes, you heard it right. One was born out of our own blood and the other one a result of our sweat and grit! Actually there was some sweat involved in the first one as well, but thats a different story we don't want to get into! Rudrveer and Oogway Leadership Consulting came into this world, to much loved parents and a hell of a tired mom. When sleepless nights of one child ended, the other one ensured that I woke up all night, giving it the much needed attention.

As I reflect on the process of naming these two babies, I can’t help but notice the similarities between naming your own child and your startup:

It is a milestone decision : Dear Shakespeare! What you said above was intelligence in retrospect. While you are at it , it seems like the biggest decision ever. However, once past this critical step, its really the personality of the child/entity which defines him. No matter what name Google or Linkedin have, they would still be successful companies.

Keep in mind the stakeholders and target audience: To every name I would suggest to the father, he would come with possible deconstructed versions the children would create in the school. What we liked, the grandparents shot down while saying in the same breath , ‘ It’s your decision’. Talk about influencing without authority! Its not very different while naming your startup. Who are going to be your customers, how do critical people feel about the name, sounding it off with people who you trust will give you deep insights and ultimately confidence in what you choose.

Its your brand - Rudrveer! What a strong name! Yes, thats what we get from most of the people. Thats what the father wanted you to get you see. Having mastered all form of land, air and underwater tactical moves, his only request to me was that his son needs to be as indestructible and unsurmountable. So we combined my love for Lord Shiva with his ‘veer’. True to his name, he came 6 weeks early, gave us quiet a scare and fought his way through like a boss! Quiet similarly, choose a brand name and story that makes sense to you. That adds a twinkle to your eyes each time you explain it to someone. Once you feel the passion , you are going to also infuse it around you. Like a boss!

You can’t please all of them - Only yesterday, a friend of mind asked, are you sure you want to go ahead with this name for your company. To her I replied - wait a little honey, it will grow on you! It always does. No matter what, it always does grow on you… including my cast on my broken right hand which I have as I type. It has grown on me so bad, that I am feeling nostalgic about it coming off after 6 weeks!