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Tuesday October 31, 2017,

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Digital Detox-a new buzz, it is a paradox of having a sedentary life style with regular Gym. Well, we can go on endless analogies, but the point is, does it make sense? Is it necessary?

Well, the common argument these days-all the PDA’s and Social network portals around us are invading our emotional thoughts. I rather defer to it and say they have ‘already conquered’.

Fundamentally, people love to 1) Be Recognized 2) Be Appreciated 3) Sneak peek into other’s Lives 4) Have an opinion (May not be true for all). The Social tools we have today provide us with all the above 4. No problem until here.

Problem starts, when we crave for these 4, more than intended. We have to decide our digital footprint. We cannot escape using these tools, as they are essential in today’s world. The fundamental problem is not with the tools, but rather with our thought process. For example,


I have come across lot of people following movie reviews diligently or asking friends opinion, before deciding on a movie to watch. I do not understand how on earth we can experience the same emotional impact a reviewer/other person would have experienced, while watching the movie. The same movie may not give the same emotional impact as our friend/reviewer would have experienced, that’s the reason we have teasers/trailers.

Example #2:

An engineer buying a new phone at a shop on the advice of a shopkeeper.

So it is rather not Digital Detox but rather Thoughts cleansing. We do not need a Digitized social approval of our lives. Well, when we do not care about other’s opinion on our views, or when we realize that a friend/IMDB/Rotten Tomatoes cannot decide the movie we watch over the weekend, or when we don’t care about the likes on pics, we will start travelling backwards in memory lane to a Pre-Facebook, Pre-Smart phone life. We can juxtapose our EQ with the current EQ- post-Facebook, Post-Smartphone life. That should give a scary view of what went wrong.

All we need is a Thoughts Cleansing, not a Digital Detox. Cleansing thoughts is recommended for Good Digital Health 