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5 brilliant productivity hacks for busy entrepreneurs

5 brilliant productivity hacks for busy entrepreneurs

Thursday May 31, 2018,

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Many think that the concept of hacking itself as bad. However, they need to realize that ethical hacking is a profession millions all over the globe have and giants in the industry hire them to keep the system secure from any threats and vulnerabilities from unethical hackers and cybercriminals.

Every entrepreneur, new or old will certainly be very busy. In startups, resourcefulness is the key to success. The optimum use of the resources at hand to gain maximum work productivity by using a few hacks or should I say, a few things that you need to be wary about and follow. There are several tricks to improve productivity indirectly and it becomes a habit for you after the certain time to ensure that the productivity stays at the top.

These 5 hacks will certainly ensure the increase in productivity individually and thereby the organization. Before I proceed with the information, you need to know that these hacks are tested and proven by many. If something goes wrong, you might not be doing it right.

• Assistant

You were unable to afford an assistant before but you could well past the point where you cannot survive without one. The technology has provided virtual assistant who manages everything for you. Bots or artificial intelligence (AI) is replacing human jobs everywhere. There are free bots and virtual assistants who schedule appointments, meetings, phone calls and many more things on your behalf without any hassle or pay.

What else would you need from an assistant? Without pay, it is a sweet deal to ensure that all your things are taken care on a daily basis and you need not worry about hours and hours of back and forth emails to schedule a meeting or calling multiple times to fix an appointment and more.

• Sleep

We always sacrifice sleep to get more work done. It could be productive in the beginning but I wouldn’t recommend it over the long run. Chronic sleep deprivation will cause health complications after continuous sleep loss. The better you sleep, the better your productivity will be. Lack of sleep leads to exhaustion which leads to stress and decrease in concentration and problem-solving ability. Loss of sleep can also make you gain weight which is bad since this is bad fats. In order to reduce weight, there are several weight loss tips which assist you to remove unwanted fat within no time. You need to be dedicated to the cause to see differences in your body weight. Sleep helps repair neural network in the brain, so the better you sleep – the better prepared you are for tomorrow.

• Schedule

You are well aware of the most productive time or the best time where you are well aware of finishing work faster. Build your schedule around this time. It also helps increase productivity exponentially since you are comfortable working during that period of time and you dictate the terms you work in. This gets most of the work done with the most productive hours of the day which matches your personality.

A strict schedule around the same period of productive time will certainly be a huge boost to your work process. Many people are morning people and are 10 times productive than other time of the day. You can schedule your most important and difficult work during that time to finish it and relax with normal work the rest of the day.

• Distractions

You cannot avoid every distraction, life is full of distractions. How do you manage those distractions is in your hands! Everyone has the habit of checking their phones very often. Instead, check your phone when you are moving around while trying to get something. This way, you would reduce the time of checking your phone while you are utilizing the same time to do something else.

Another option is to keep the phone in silent or offline more while working to completely avoid it. You should follow these hacks without fail else the effort will be in vain. Keep the phone as far away as possible while you sleep so that any calls or messages will not disturb your sleep.

• Multitasking?

Multitasking is a curse for entrepreneurs, running around doing 10 things at a time out of which, even 1 wouldn’t be complete. Multitasking is usually bad since the brain has to register the task and store information If you are working on a single task, the brain responds better by storing more information, work faster and save both time and money. One task at a time is faster than trying to complete a dozen tasks.

Final Thoughts

Being an entrepreneur has challenges every day. The will to overcome these challenges is what sets you apart from others who fail. With these hacks, you will slowly start to see subtle changes and over time significant productivity increase of yourself and the organization.