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Cubicle Mania !!

Health beyond cubicle !

Cubicle Mania !!

Tuesday December 13, 2016,

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Sitting inside the cubicle makes us cut off from the outside world. Yes! true.

We earn excuses to have un-time breakfast, lunch and dinner and even miss to drink water after swipe in at office and to the core of it.. we have a habit to say i am too lazy to wake up before 6AM in the morning (cursing the yesterday's work load) !!

I know many of my collegues skip their breakfast just because they don't have time (oops ! Really !! )and endup spending money and energy at doctors office. Just couple of tips to save your pocket which are not too difficult

1. Drink water every 2 hours-

Do not empty water bottle at your desk to sit full till evening. Just sip more often. In case you need flavour's add a lime slice or put a jaggery (YUM !!) My own experience, make habit to drink water to get yourself out of boredom, laziness and obviously it will relieve you from over eating (Hoo !!) and hypertension too

2. Take atleast 10 steps every 1 hours- to relax your neck-

Ergonomics -No company tells you to sit curve necked or in a bad hand / shoulder posture. Believe me, Ergonomics is interesting ! you might feel lil uncomfortable initially but very soon you'll realize freedom Efrom neck pain, shoulder aches', and foot numbness

3. Blink more often-

Who ever experience tears rolling down while walking in chill climate or before AC, BEWARE - you might be a victim of dry eyes. Though we live in this gadget freeking silly world, it makes you an essential scapegoat to use the gadgets though you wish to use them or not. So make yourselves habitual to blink (its good to your eyes, believe me, though not so good while meeting your manager :) )

Cubicle manic !

Cubicle manic !