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3 questions that you need ask before opting for a cloud telephony system

If you're using a business and planning to have your business phone system just right, here what you need to do first

3 questions that you need ask before opting for a cloud telephony system

Thursday January 10, 2019,

3 min Read

Are you a business? Yes! Then this article is talking to you.

Businesses receive calls almost everyday - those calls may be categorized as both support and prospect calls. But the important news is, both are important.

Customer queries can be generated anytime in an entire day’s time, irrespective of whether you’re there or away from office. This brings to down to a serious concern of managing calls.

Calls have an emotional content in them and are a major source of business. Therefore, I’m sure you do not want to miss them.

Businesses of today are shifting a lot of their data to cloud and one of them being the cloud telephony system. From call tracking to reaching out to the missed calls, a cloud telephony solution offers an end-to-end management of calls. But before taking up a call management solution based out of cloud, here are the questions that you need to ask:

Question 1: What is your call volume?

A business receives a lot of calls every day - few of them being the generic calls and the others being the queries of the customers. Understanding what is the frequency of calls and understanding the volume of calls that are received every day is a serious concern.

For instance, if the rate of support/customer calls is greater than the normal calls, then opting for a cloud telephony system is a must as it has features to reach out to missed calls.

Question 2: Do you value customer feedback?

For most businesses customer feedback about their services is one of the primary aspects for designing their services. Cloud Telephony solution provides a major benefit of recording calls - all the calls that are picked up by your call agents and recording into the system. These calls can later be referred to to understand the nitty-gritties of customer queries and make your product or service a customer-favorite one.

Question 3: Are you a startup, SMB or an enterprise?

If you look through the market today, businesses are of many kinds - Startups, SMBs and enterprises and all these businesses get and do calls of different kinds. So, having a cloud telephony system in place is important for all of them but in different ways.

For instance, startups make calls to their target audience to develop business. Therefore, tracking the follow up of these calls is important. Additionally, these businesses also need to project an image of a big brand and setting up an IVR solves this problem in no time. SMBs on the other hand have both prospects calling them and they making cold calls. In such a situation a cloud telephony solution helps as the calls missed during attending other calls or while not during the office hours, can be tracked and can be reached back later.

Enterprises are big and these businesses receive a lot of calls everyday - trust me a lot of them. Most of the enterprises receive support calls and queries related to the services. Tracking such calls is of major importance as these are a major source of improving the services. Also, recording these calls can be helpful in understanding customer cases that may belong to different industries and hence the service can altered as per the requirement in the later future.

A cloud telephony solution has a lot of features that are beneficial to businesses but the usage of these features differ to businesses and the way they operate. If you’re a business, then you should definitely opt for such a system. We’ll let you know how!