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3 Ways to Optimize Your Healthcare Marketing | RMI Health

To stand out from the healthcare “clutter”, wellness providers must create highly-optimized marketing campaigns. Here are the 3 ways to ensure your next healthcare marketing campaign will be a hit.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Healthcare Marketing | RMI Health

Wednesday March 06, 2019,

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In today’s digital age, consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. To stand out from the healthcare “clutter”, wellness providers must to be able to optimize their marketing efforts to reach target audiences on the platforms they use in a way that will immediately resonate with them. With such a fragmented market, healthcare marketing cannot be approached as a “one size fits all” strategy.

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

Instead, incorporating personalization, as much as possible, can be the key to differentiating your services from your competition’s. According to the healthcare marketing specialists at Response Mine Health, here are the top 3 ways to optimize your next healthcare campaign.

Be Sure to Implement A/B split Testing.

Your marketing efforts should always be tested and rooted in quantitative measurements. Healthcare marketing experts always recommend A/B or split testing your marketing messages to see how they perform comparatively. This can give you great insight into what images, colors, even text may work best for your target audience.

Without an ability to track the success (or failure) or your healthcare marketing campaigns, you could be sinking thousands of dollars into campaigns that just aren’t working (or could be significantly improved). If you are rolling out an email marketing promotion, you could test different subject lines or promotional offers.

The key is to be intentional about what healthcare marketing strategies you use and whenever possible, craft your campaigns around elements that you know have worked in the past.

Study the Best Messages for Your Target Audience.

In healthcare marketing, messaging is everything. Say the right words or phrases and you could attract hundreds of new patients. However, use marketing messages that are not well aligned to your target audience and you could see your marketing ROI suffer.

You should have a clear psychographic profile of your audience and understand what things may drive them to purchase or consider a new healthcare provider. With these internal and external pulls in mind, you can create healthcare marketing messages that will immediately resonate with them and stand out from your competition. For example, in a recent RMI Health survey, when patients search “primary care”, they are more likely to choose a medical provider that uses the words such as “medical innovation” in their messaging.

Likewise, when “women’s health” is the search term, patients are more apt to seek out healthcare providers that use terms such as “patient-focused”. Identify the keywords your target audience is likely to use and be sure to leverage those terms in your healthcare marketing messages as much as possible.

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

Create Landing Pages with Your Patients in Mind.

When your patients arrive to a landing page, they have likely already seen an advertisement of some sort from your company and have clicked on a link, taking them to your landing page. Therefore, your landing page must be crafted to further move them to take an action, whether that be requesting an appointment, calling for more information, or entering in their email address for more information.

Effective landing pages should leverage colors to evoke emotions, use messaging that appeals to your patients’ needs, and use clear call-to-actions to move them along the patient journey.

 It is also important to consider your company’s branding to ensure that the imagery and copy used on the landing page are both appealing to your target audience and also in line with your branding. For more detailed information on how to create winning landing pages, click here.