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Best Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Program For 2019 – DeltaExchange

Delta Exchange Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

Best Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Program For 2019 – DeltaExchange

Monday April 08, 2019,

2 min Read

Delta Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies. People have been investing, mining, purchasing and earning Bitcoins from last many years. In addition to exchanging these cryptocurrencies., many companies offer affiliate programs which are also called a referral program. With the help of this program, you can make extra money. Joining the referral program will give you the ability to create one time or lifetime passive income for each person. You can directly send your referral link and earn money. Once your referrals go to the websites to enroll or invest, you will earn money.

How does Reffral program work?

Reffral program is a great way to make money. Delta Exchange is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform. To earn the money you need to follow the following steps. This Process is very Simple.

1.   Every registered user can participate in Delta Exchange referral program. If you are not registered, register yourself on Delta Exchange.

2. Login into your account, go to the affiliate program.

3. Click on the Affiliate program. You will get there your referral link and referral code.

4. You can share that link to many peoples. If shared users will get register on Delta Exchange, then you will earn money.

5. You will get a 15% of trading fees as referral bonus each time when a referee will trade.

For every exchange, you need to pay some fixed amount. Suppose referee trade ETH/BTC and the fee for trading is 0.01% so you will get 15% of 0.01% as a referral bonus. In this way, you can refer to many peoples and earn money.

Delta Exchange Affiliate Programs Terms and Conditions:

1. Delta Exchange offers 15% of trading fees as Referral Bonus each time when the reffral trades.

2. To get referral bonus the referee must be enroll using your referral link.

3. There is no limit to invite friends. You can invite many friends and earn money as much as you can.