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The AppMeadows Story

Friday September 09, 2016,

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Aspiration behind our Endeavor

As per Entrepreneur.com, “By 2017, the App Market will be $77 billion Industry with over 268 billion downloads“.The mobile app industry is burgeoning over the last few years and experts believe it will thrive even more in the future as well. As per Entreprenuer.com, “By the end of 2016, there will be 10 billion mobile devices and 7.3 billion world population implying 1.4 devices per person on the planet”. This means that the app development industry will further get a massive push.

Everyone wants to ride the wave of this prospering industry and garner benefits from the same. However, all the stakeholders involved in the app development world including the clients, developers, source code owners, trainers, etc. face a lot of challenges right from the inception of an app idea to its deployment and marketing.

Since there is a quandary, there is a need for a solution. This is where we got a brainwave to create a common platform that can cater to anything that anyone in the app development industry needs. We truly believe in the saying by Samuel Johnson “Your Aspirations are your possibilities”. We wanted to carve a niche with our constant endeavor to the prospering App development industry and all our energies were driven in this direction. Since the inception of this idea in March 2015, our team has strived hard to create this uniquely focused ecosystem that can bring together the whole chain of investors, startups, developers, tool owners and all other stakeholders in the app development world under one common crown: AppMeadows!!! We are happy that after 1.5 years of passionate work, AppMeadows is almost complete and we have already hit the nail on the head. We already have strategic partnerships in place and we are ready to work with more zeal to launch our dream project and bring about a sturdy positive wave in the app development industry…

Common Frustrations or Core Problems

As per Vision Mobile, “17% of developers who are interested in making money generate no revenue related to apps at all. A further 18% of developers make less than $100 per month and the next 17%, bringing us to a total of 52%, make less than $1000 per month”. There is unfettered competition in the app development industry with big names already grabbing a major portion of the market, leaving a small share of the pie for the new ones. The result is enhanced frustrations. Shortage of developers in comparison to the demand for new apps adds to the frustration levels. The core problems that make the whole process of app ideation to launch a constant scuffle are adumbrated below:

Tribulations at the onset:

• Shortage of developers in comparison to the demand for new apps

• Enormous competition in the field of mobile app development. The big names have already conquered a major chunk of app development requirements. Small mobile app development firms can barely match up to big budget organizations.

• The enterprise app gold rush is now well underway with more and more developers primarily targeting enterprises only, leaving aside consumer apps.

Snag to converge:

• Slow and buggy freelance portals

• Difficulty to figure out an efficient way to identify a quality app developer amid the avalanche that pops up from the various mega freelance sites.

• Overrated prices from most domestic development companies, resulting in outsourcing as the only option left. Outsourcing comes with its own set of challenges.

Intricacies in administering the task

• Payment security issues

• Outsourcing to Countries or Companies that are behind on trends.

• Developers sometimes bite off more than they can chew.

• Long development lifecycles and increased timeframe between Ideation to launch

• Excuses for cutting testing from developers

• Marketing the app in the middle of killer competition at the app stores.

The plethora of problems does not come to an end even after deployment of the app. The user today expects to regularly get new features in the apps incorporating feedback from them.

AppMeadows is the solution!

AppMeadows is the world’s first platform that supports the whole ecology of mobile app development. Here anyone related to mobile app development industry can find a solution to anything they are baffled about right from the app ideation, investment and start-up to development, design and marketing and beyond. It is the sole platform that brings together the entire chain of app development including start-ups, investors, brands and developers.