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Ideas to turn your cold prospects

How hopeful are you in converting your lovely cold leads? ...Hmm! 50 percent? 25 percent? Or may be less than that?

Ideas to turn your cold prospects

Tuesday August 08, 2017,

3 min Read

We generally don’t expect cold lead conversion because somewhat we leave that part at bay and move ahead with the existing potential leads. But, the times when you don’t have any lead in hand meaning the time of drought for the land of business then you tend to remember your cold leads which you failed to convert. We all went through that once.


But, we will be in less of hopes or of no hopes on those leads. Well, no worries i am here to guide you to master in winning those cold leads.

One more try

Whenever you plan to take a follow up of a cold lead believe it that it is your last try and put all of your efforts to convert that lead. Get good information about him. Get details about the growth of your cold lead in this time period of non communication with you. That may include his requirements and his switch to new technologies, and may be about his new services.

Voice mail

I was doing research about the people handling cold leads there i got one interesting point which i would like to introduce that’s contacting your cold prospect with a voice mail. Why only a voice mail? Because it’s different. Yes, that’s true it’s a different medium people generally opt less for it. Being different in approaching a cold lead could be the trigger point .

In my career i very rarely got any voice mail and if i get any then that could arise a kind of interest in me. And icing on the cake could be your one puzzled statement which may raise curiosity in him. This should be of his interest then, and he will definitely get back to you.

Get a reason to contact

Whenever you contact somebody with whom you have been discussing about your services since a long time and still he is a cold client of yours then plan a reason next time to contact him. That will be a new thing to know. Atleast he wont feel that you are giving the same stuff of information every time.

We always practice this with our cold leads and it proved to be successful. And it worked with cold prospects, they came up with explanation for not getting our services at present but they came back to us when they were in need of it. And some leads enquired about the same and took interest in our services.

Getting a Reference

If possible ask somebody to refer you to your cold prospects. That gives weightage to your conversation with them, by doing this you will get a new face to talk. You will be representing the one who referred you and the probability of fixing of a meeting would be high with them.


It’s time for questionnaire! Start questioning yourself, about where you lacked?, what are the improvements that could be done to crack a deal?

By doing this you will get a loophole if any and improve that and try again.

Credits : Deepthi