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5 reasons why your iOS app could be rejected by the app store

5 reasons why your iOS app could be rejected by the app store

Monday August 06, 2018,

4 min Read

The resolution of the mobile activity is highly reliant upon the condition and functionality of the treatments available for the individual mobile platforms. An ordinary mobile user uses close to 190times on his / her mobile phone each day and 85% of this time is spent on apps.

Apple’s App Store, which had over 2.26 million functioning relationships at the beginning of 2018, is one of the biggest application containers in the division. Apple is also understood to be highly committed to user experience and functionality and should put in position a highly meticulous process for accepting apps that are offered to the App Store. As per surveys, roughly 20% of the apps that are offered for review never secure it to the App Store for unrestricted downloading.

It is hence imperative for developers to follow Apple’s permission process, why apps are denied, and what people should do to secure that their hard-earned money and experience spent in apps-development will not go to waste. In that respect, Apple has done fairly clear with the ideas why apps are usually rejected. Today, we talk regarding the original defendants and how you can avoid rejection from Apple:

1. Bugs and unfinished versions

Apple operates one of the largest companies of builders, examiners and QA specialists that test and approve each app that is offered to the App Store. As per Apple, flaws and rough/undercooked apps with dead functionality/hyperlinks, wrong/ misleading info are the prime goal for app refusal, according to over 20% of total rejections. Completeness of the app introduces important guidelines before-mentioned as mandatorily becoming a support link built into your app, the presence of metadata such as account history, business information, app functionality, etc.

2. App crashes

This is the second-biggest problem of app rejection. Apple has a really low permission for apps that malfunction during testing and evaluation and regularly, such apps are rejected quickly. Apple’s well-defined measurement method puts your app into multiple measurement situations including most concurrent incoming attachments, multiple techniques, etc. If you’ve not expected for such situations, your app strength be in dispute!

3. Inconsistent UI / UX

Though Android remains to be the leader in the smartphone business with a 750%+ market serving, user interface and user participation are areas anywhere iOS has been regularly rated greater than Google’s portable OS. It is, hence, no wonder that Apple has stringent guidelines throughout the look and quality of apps on the App Store. The top left angle must always house the back button, controls need always be clear and apparent, menus should ideally be placed at the bottom of the cover are just some of the guidelines that Apple needs seriously and ridiculing these could result in your app becoming rejected!

4. Abnormally long load times

As per Apple’s rules, any app that practices more than 15 seconds to store from mark is a nominee for rejection because users are not required to wait for higher than that period duration. Identify that Apple demands your app to have remained storing all its data into the RAM, installed attachments to backend databases and become the homepage available for user interaction in round 15 seconds.

These are just unusual of the main reasons for apps going rejected by the App Store. There are various reasons which can be identified at the time of the report. An experienced testing and quality assurance Mobile apps development companies in Bangalore, India can guide you in terms of Apple's guidelines as well the iOS app development companies support your app in this regarding with QA and testing to ensure your application is free of error and chances of increasing brand value.

iOS Apps Development Companies Bangalore

iOS Apps Development Companies Bangalore

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