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Here’s why you should choose AngularJS application development

Know about the awesome features of AngularJS that have made this framework a preferable option for the application developers worldwide.

Here’s why you should choose AngularJS application development

Monday July 23, 2018,

4 min Read


When it comes to simplifying the web development and testing process for the web app developers, the impact of AngularJS is just undeniable. Do you know why? Because this has some awesome features that help the developers maintain web infrastructure with ease and convenience. But what is exactly this AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open Javascript framework that addresses the challenges associated with web development procedures and delivers a systematic approach to the implementation of a web or mobile application. This framework is built on the MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture and proffers extension that can make a website responsive and dynamic. It follows an Application Programming Interface (API) named Document Object Model (DOM) that is mainly aimed to improve the testability and performance.

Day by day, an increasing number of web developers around the world is depending on AngularJS because of its great features. Let’s have a look at its top five features for which web developers choose this awesome framework.

1. High Performance at Minimal Maintenance

High performance and ease of usage are the two most important things that have made AngularJS a widely popular choice among developers. Also, it requires minimal maintenance. There is no need to spend hours after hours on debugging. With AngularJS, it is really easy to make minor changes quickly. This framework has some power-packed features such as Directives, form validation, content sanitization, routing etc., which help in attaining high performance and ease of maintenance while developing a web application.

2. Model View Controller Implementation

It has been noticed that maximum numbers of frameworks, used in developing mobile applications, only develop the applications without splitting them into the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. But AngularJS allows the web app developers to blend the application code together. This way AngularJS helps in saving a lot of time in app development process.

3. Fast & Easy to Work With

As AngularJS works with MVC architecture, I have already mentioned that it saves lots of time in app development. This connection between MVC and AngularJS has other benefits too. This has made AngularJS very simple to work with and thus even the developers at beginner level also prefer this framework to develop web and mobile applications. The way AngularJS works, for a developer there's no need to write any additional code. This increases productivity and minimizes the overall complication of the project implementation. Therefore everything can be done in a very fast and simple manner.

4. Two Way Data Binding Facility

This is another great feature of AngularJS. Through two-way data binding, this framework makes sure that any sort of modification in an application development project will leave an impact on the user interface and vice versa. Also, there is no need to save links to Document Object Model (DOM) elements and directly operate them. You can just describe the result along with the model state terms without using any low-level constructions.

5. Flawless Testability

AngularJS comes with a unit testing setup, which allows the developers to get detailed insights into the final result of their development work. Thus the testability gets improved. When you work with AngularJS, you do not have to worry about time wastage and defective components issues. All you can have is just a seamless app development and testing experience.

Bonus Feature

AngularJS is all about giving a superb user experience for web and mobile applications. It improves the loading speed of an application and makes it responsive. Therefore, after implementing AngularJS the developers do not have to do anything extra to make an application responsive.

Hope after reading today's post, you have got a profound idea about the basic features of angularJS and how a developer can be benefited by implementing this awesome framework. So, are you a team member of any company, offering AngularJS application development services? If you are, you will certainly find this post useful.

 Have you ever tried implementing AngularJS in any app development process? If you have, share your experience in the comment section. I’d love to know.