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For all enginners

The very semester exams !

Saturday November 19, 2016,

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I was an average student, I really hate studies i hardly study that only when my parents ping me 100 times i go for studies after their 200 pings complete , but as i entered to my engineering college I am the one including two of my friends from convent school , that made a difference and inspired me to score good grades may be because of my hand-writing or because of my school . or may be because of both .

I love studying theoritical subjects most. maths is something i hate the most since school times .

I never get good grades in Maths after so many practices .but I love studying and reading theoritical subjects. love scoring good grades in these subjects .

Once I get less grades and I was sad, than one of my friend told me that you could do better than us , because you never felt difficulties understanding english so we are facing, that something motivated me to read much-much better and than I scored very good grades .

thanks to my friend.