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Different Types of Education Boards in India

Different Types of Education Boards in India

Sunday February 05, 2017,

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Learn more about different types of Education Boards in India here.


Training in India comes through every authority, in addition to the non-public sector, with the law and investment of 3 areas: Critical, the Kingdom, close. In many areas of the Indian letter, compulsory education is provided and loose as a basic right for children between 6 and 14 times.

The board of school education in India Forum (COBSE) is a voluntary association of all the bodies of the Faculty of Education in India during the investigation noted that in 1979 in Delhi. http://www.cobse.org/works closely with the Department of Valuable Human Resources Development, the Government of India, other educational groups Apex throughout the country and companies such as the Board of Studies and Education throughout the country (NCERT) NUEPA) and the National Instructors (NCTE) and so on.

COBSE provides educational support for members on their boards:

• Build and maintain standards tutorials.

• Curriculum development plans

• Substances in the curriculum.

• Transaction and assessment of the curriculum in universities.

• Reforms within the framework of the review and many others.

Professional development of its employees.

Member Forums


Precious Board of Education or CBSE secondary

Adopts primary school education is to be installed in India to become the Board of Uttar Pradesh before excessive authority and intermediate training in 1921, which became the primary responsibility of Rajputana, India and Gwalior. In 1929, the Indian authorities established a board called "school board and through excessive education, Rajputana". This protected Ajmer, Merwara, Central India and Gwalior. He later turned to forced Ajmer, Bhopal and Vindhya Pradesh. In 1952 he became the "decisive executive committee of the secondary level II".

CBSE Board is a stand-alone entity, the Ministry of Human Resources to enhance resources, the Government of India.


(PSTC) through the Council to examine Indian School Certificate examinations (CISCE of) a personal seal and non-governmental schooling in India, executed by the Raffinesse 10. This is primarily a means Inglés Council and agree with the new coverage training 1986 the government of India.

CISCE also conducts a review of the sophistication of 12 college students usually called the Indian University Certificate (ISC).

State Councils

Each nation in the Indian state has its own board and regulates the curricula and examinations. Significant enrollment CABE Advisory Board is the basic framework for all government forums. These cards usually offer their mother tongue. A list of the country forums can be found here.


Global Fashion School (IGCSE) Certificate is a rigorous academic subject, globally in use and English curriculum for students offered to collect for the Weltebene baccalaureate level and BTEC level three. Cambridge IGCSE has a complete and abysmal program and covers subjects from a branch of the fields: Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Arithmetic, Innovative, Technical and Professional. The IGCSE topics provide maximum preference for mid-offset examinations or longs (in Cambridge) and foundation or better roles (in Excel). This was designed to make it more comfortable for college kids with IGCSE capacity.

This Council is clearly gaining importance in India, and is not limited to Tier 1 cities, but the cities of levels 2 and 3 are also eligible for this commission.

You could get a group of institutes in India that have Cambridge qualifications here.

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