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Advantages of hiring android app developers for your business

Advantages of hiring android app developers for your business

Thursday May 31, 2018,

4 min Read

While the benefits of developing a mobile app are apparent, chances are that you may not be able to reap maximum return without a complete understanding of where to begin. The first step in your mobile app development process comes with identifying your target audience – should you build an app for iOS users or for the Android market?


Well, both the tech giants, Apple and Google, continue dominating the mobile world. However, with the overwhelmingly high market share of Android, there’s a never-ending demand for Android app developer who can engineer impressive apps that can give your business the distinction that it needs in the digital landscape.

Wondering what to look for when you hire an Android app programmer? You’ll need a developer who has the in-depth knowledge of both legacy and modern tools and business understanding to develop an enterprise app for you. Only an experienced and dedicated Android Application developer can transform your business idea into a reality.

There are multiple benefits of hiring skilled Android app developers for your organization. Here’s a short list:


In any competitive market, it takes a high great degree of professionalism to stand out. Shortlist those app developers who have made a mark for their professionalism. Wondering how? First, identify the level of specialization that the concerned developers have in designing, graphics, and programming languages. Do check if they are aware of the current enterprise app development trends and have experience in dealing with unforeseen challenges that may arise in the process. An Android application developer with the right professional attitude will always know how to bolster your app amongst competitors and make your app a winner in today’s marketplace.

Ensured security

Enterprise data security is the main reason why organizations are averse to hiring freelance developers. The chances that the information associated with your company or your project may not remain confidential can’t be ignored. In fact, you can’t collaborate even with an Android application development company, if it does not have sound policies for enterprise data confidentiality. But if you hire trusted Android Application development experts, you can be assured that your market information will remain private and secure as the production will be in-house.

Passion for development

A passionate Android application developer can always be expected to be a dedicated one as well. These developers tend to focus keenly on introducing, testing, and improving app features that, in turn, increase the visibility of your app in the market. Their passion for app development is evident from the extra effort they put to give an app an edge over the rest of its kind. As professionals, they generally tend to develop and maintain cordial relationships with business owners they are collaborating with. If your shortlisted Android application developer is supportive and possesses a great understanding of your business goals, then you have certainly made a right decision.

Here are the two preliminary steps that you can take before getting into the formal process of hiring an Android application developer who is an expert at handling specific mobile app requests and can also deliver productive business applications within a given or limited budget:

Step 1: Define a Scope of Work

Not all Android-based mobile business apps offer similar functions. Before beginning the hiring process, determine the kind of your mobile business application you wish to develop. You can do this in steps by including the must-have features in the specification first and then adding the complementary ones. Irrelevant features are a total no-no.

Step 2: Shortlist Potential Android Application Developers for Hire

Here are a few things you should look for:

Social media presence: Check out their profile on social media, professional networking sites, and freelancing platforms to know how they generally present themselves.

Feedback: Seek feedback from their previous clients. You will easily receive an idea of the developer’s abilities.

Talent: If you go through the developer’s profile, proposal, and portfolio, you’ll get to know if he/she possesses the technical skills needed to develop a mobile app that is appealing, works fine, and is well-received by its users.