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Fighting procrastination and meeting deadlines!

Insightful tips on fighting procrastination to gain productivity!

Fighting procrastination and meeting deadlines!

Thursday June 07, 2018,

4 min Read

Monday Blues! That sound of the alarm clock that buzzes right through the phone's sound cart is equivalent to the teacher snatching your answer sheet when you have those life-saving mile-seconds left to complete that half-known, guessed an answer. 

How about that alarm clock on a Monday-morning never irritates you, as soon as the clock strikes at 8 in the morning, a refreshing sound plays saying "you can sleep for some more time, all your tasks are done and dusted". Sounds refreshing, comforting and relaxing, no? 

The root cause of all those worry-lines that creeps up on your forehead on weekdays is a little devil called procrastination. Why do I call it a little one? Because these little blocks of wrong-doing, avoiding deadlines make a mountain of procrastination. Let me tell you this - Procrastination is no big deal! It's a trivial evil which ironically turns out to be a giant one in the larger scheme of things! 

If you google search the word 'procrastination' it suggests the meaning "the action of delaying or postponing something." Look back on the years when we used less of technological devices and devoted more of our time in pushing out human efforts. 

Smart Phones have replaced smart work, screens rule our nights, tickets are booked online, food is delivered in 30 minutes, spa sessions are given at home, cabs reach our destined location in mere moments! You name it and us millennials have experienced it! 

Later today, I got to thinking about efficiency in our day-to-day life and also discussed the ordeal of delayed tasks and pinching deadlines with like-minded people. Let me do this small exercise with you, where you can give yourself a self-evaluation grade. 

1) On a scale of 1 to 10, How confident are you about your career and how much priority is skills development? 

2) How long do you think, you need to work and how many career breaks do you need in life?

3) Do you believe in job security and are you happy with the productivity level you possess right now? 


If you've answered these questions in a positive aspect, then claps! But, if not, then buoy, you go to have a routine check on your work-energy levels and time-management. 

I spoke to different people about channelizing their energy levels at the workplace, home and different areas where they devote their time and this is what they had to say! 

Ms Shruti Sood, who is a professional writer and works as a Content Marketing Manager, said, "Passion (Writer) & Profession (Content Manager) are 2 great words! My passion led me to my profession and now it is helping me achieve the high-pressure deadlines and quality checks. I meet deadlines because I plan ahead for the work because last minute changes can be daunting. I work on weekends to ensure weekdays are smooth! I do not compromise on productivity coz I know that someone is waiting for the content for something. I am a sucker for error-free work and devote extra time to make sure that any copy that goes from my eyes is absolutely perfect. Pre-planning, being extra cautious, eye for detail and screwing up some of my weekends are my mantra to high productivity!" 
Ms Rheima Ghosh, who review movies for digital media, practices meditation and says it has helped her in a great way. She says, "The simplest, easiest, and some may call it a bit zaniest way of avoiding procrastination for me is Meditation. I simply, sit down, close my eyes, and visualize myself as the winner, i.e., my job is done. I make sure some fragrant candles are lit up while I am practising my meditation and after like 15-20 minutes, I am energized positively and HOLLA all the signs of fearing that said task vanishes!" 

Apeksha Rawat, who works as a web content writer says her productivity levels advances in the morning. "I try to finish the important task of the day early in the morning, or before 10' o Clock in the morning, so that I can devote all my efficiency to the primary tasks. This also helps me to start my day early, this brings the add-on benefits of the healthy lifestyle, so that I do not feel burdened throughout the day."

 Procrastination is a bad habit that eats most of our time and prevents us from achieving from what we actually want to win in life!


Don’t let procrastination take over your life, go and sieze the moment right away! Good Luck!