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5 Tips to Have a Healthier Working Relationship with Your Boss

Healthier Working Relationship with Your Boss

5 Tips to Have a Healthier Working Relationship with Your Boss

Friday April 12, 2019,

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Productive, respectful employee-boss relationship is the key to smooth company operation. While a boss’s priority is often to make his employees work efficiently, at the same time, employees like to stay productive to complete their assigned work. Things that are hard to achieve, without a healthy employee-boss relationship.

Being an employee you should keep the importance of a healthy, respectful relationship with your boss. It plays a pivotal role to raise your self-confidence, productivity, and ultimately, it helps boost your career. Of course, there’s something in it for your employers too: When your boss knows you well, and your work ethic, he or she will assign you tasks that are good and comfortable with. Hence, boosting employees’ productivity and helping the company grow.

So if you want a better working relationship with your boss, here are the five tried and tested suggestions for you.

1.   Get to Know Your Boss Preferences

The first thing to look at when you want to have a better relationship with your boss is to understand how he operates. Therefore, you should first emphasize on how he wants you to work – and what you should do to deliver it.

Does he want you to notify about everything on email rather than verbal? Does he want you to concentrate on thing on a particular aspect of your job instead of others? Does he want wants to work on spreadsheets instead of PowerPoint slides?

Things like those can really help you understand what your preferences and expectations. It will help you to deliver what he needs and with respect to his preferences.

2.   Understand Your Employer’s Goals

It is often observed a number of employees keep on working under their managers for years without actually understanding their goals.

As an employee, you should always consider focusing on what your employee goals and make an effort to help them achieve those. It’s not something that is difficult to work. Get into a discussion with your boss, ask him about his goals and priorities, and consider as a part of your job to support him in achieving them.

Only once you understand your employer goals, then only you will be able to produce deliverables to support them in their success, which ultimately assists to build a healthier working relationship with them.

3.   Offer Solutions, Not Problems   

Although your boss is there to help you work smoothly in different operations, doesn’t mean you should approach them with different problems every now and then. Instead, first, make a complete effort to find solutions to problems on your own first.

Better, get to your boss with a solution you think is right, and look for his consensus. That way you will be able to let him know that you have already started working to resolve the problem.

4.   Show Your Boss Respect

No matter your boss has a friendly attitude with his subordinates, he deserves respect. Even if you don’t like them much, respect them. They will return the same respect to you, hence creating a positive relationship built on mutual respect.

Keep in mind; if you don’t respect them for your reasons, chances are that will hurt your relationship with them.

5.   Meet Your Deadlines

When your manager assigns you to work, commit to it and aim to work at the task with all the effort. Make sure you get it done under the deadline.

Though it’s your job to complete your assigned tasks at the given time, working hard to complete them will let you know your boss know you are giving your 100%. Something that will increase your respect in their eyes!

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