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Providing a platform for artists

With a team of nearly 17 people, ArtRefurbish aims to provide a platform for artists, poets, writers and photographers to bring their work to the world

Providing a platform for artists

Friday June 17, 2016,

3 min Read

This new year brought a perfect gift for all artists with the start of an online magazine, ArtRefurbish. It is a known fact that in order to get one's work published one has to struggle a lot. The struggle is not only because of the time it takes to get work published but also the number of places from which one can get rejected or the obviously intense competition they have to face. With publishing houses receiving thousands of mails for submission in a single day and very few of them getting published ultimately it is a time consuming and uncertain process.

Just because one is not able to get their work published successfully, it does not indicate that they are less talented when compared with others who get the opportunity as the victory of others might be a matter of fate and luck.

Seeing the lack of the presence of a common platform for all such unpublished writers, poets and photographers, ArtRefurbish, was started this January, with the idea of providing all such artists with a relatively easy way of getting their work out to people by submitting it on a virtual magazine.

Unlike other such magazines, ArtRefurbish plans to develop itself into an e-magazine which reaches a mainstream audience directly. It plans to do this by extensive social media marketing and for that it has its presence on almost every other popular social media site.

 In order to reach out to as many people as possible, it has been involved in offline events as well, one of which are the poetry slams conducted by it in places like Delhi and Mumbai.

Their purpose is "to organize free events, accommodate as many people as they can, and more importantly, to put beautiful music and poetry on the stage so that it brings people from different spheres of life on a particular day which they won't otherwise," Kusha Verma, chief amazement officer, Artrefurbish.

Till now, they have conducted poetry readings, poetry slams as well as poetry readings. They aim to come up with art projects in the near future.

The team maintains that they never really had a ready plan, which is interesting, as in today's world, chances are that not having a concrete plan might lead to chaos. However, according to them, this is what has kept their boat kept sailing so far.

ArtRefurbish is only in its initial stages and aims to make it big in the world of E-magazines. They plan to conduct more regular offline events as well as are considering the option of having a print magazine, twice in a year or so. They even want to develop on the art of V- Blogging and Video Diaries.

 "We are a bunch of impulsive people who don't have long-term goals. We are creative people. We don't plan things, they just happen to us," Verma said.

The team has 17 members in the form of editors and designers. With passionate and creative people trying to bring together other unknown passionate and creative ones, ArtRefurbish, is an innovative venture. What's even more interesting and commendable about the team is that it is a group of people as young as 19, an age where most are still confused about what they want to pursue in life or are already given up on their creative potential.

ArtRefurbish, is a sweet gesture by such like minded people to appreciate art and provide all the artists with a much needed common platform.

Kusha Verma- Chief Amazement Officer<br>

Kusha Verma- Chief Amazement Officer